My beard is already white, the rest of my hair will get there eventually…

I think I could go for this look.

Javier Rupérez

I just need a recipe for more eyes, and I might be able to pull it off.

(Now imagining going into the local hair salon with this photo, and telling them this is the style I want.)


  1. blf says

    Apparently, “Lucas the Spider” (see me@4) is something of an viral intertubes thingy, and perhaps also a marketing meme. I was not aware of this previously. Anyways, when searching for further information, I came upon this definition of SJW: “Spider Justice Warrior” (from The Real Lucas The Spider, which also contains the great line “I never want anyone to look in my fridge because I keep a colony of feeder flies in there for my pets [spiders]” — Which is perhaps another explanation for poopyhead’s haunted stove, he confused it with the fridge and put the spider’s food in the oven…).

  2. marcoli says

    That is one handsome spider-face. Evocative. Wise. A bit terrifying in a good way. Cthulhu itself has competition.