Long day, with a reward for me!

Tuesday is also a crowded schedule for me, and I just got home. That’s partly because I pushed and got my cell biology exam written and copied tonight, and that means my morning tomorrow is completely free, no prep work at all. You know what that means?

I get to play with spiders all morning long! Putting in a little extra effort today freed up a big block of time.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Initially, I was going to question why a new test, then recalled your self-evaluation of performance and adjusting accordingly.
    Leaving me with a quandary, why I even considered asking that question and realized, a self-assessment on bad habits acquired over years of DoD contracting is in order.
    Thanks a million for reminding me of that!
    I was the senior NCO who took his medics out for land navigation, after having several medical classes on advanced military treatment techniques, or rifle marksmanship, or performing certain invasive surgical interventions that I was qualified on (as signed off by a senior medical officer, at risk of his or her license if I’m incompetent).
    My best “graduates” could call in a ten digit grid coordinate, using merely a map and compass. Easier for PZ’s and my generations, due to learning in an analog era, rather than the digital era.
    For those who have no clue, a 10 digit grid coordinate gives one’s location within a meter. It’s required for field graves, so that the remains can be repatriated, which is rather important to the majority of families.

    So, again, thank you PZ for reminding me of excellence in performance and reassessment!
    May you make a ground shaking discovery about spider behavior or development.
    Thrice, at a minimum.
    So has it been written, so it shall be done or not. ;)