Our up-again-down-again signs and the College Republicans make the news!

Exactly as I’m sure they intended — if you can’t make a positive contribution, just be a louder, prouder asshole and the media will eat it up. The saga of our College Republicans made it to the City Paper.

I walked through the hallway that had been papered with hate-signs yesterday this morning, and they were mostly gone. Then I walked the same path a little later, and they were back up — and worse, they’d been tacked up over the positive signs along the hall, obscuring them.

Somehow, the hate signs have just now been torn down again.

Oh, this is going to be a long semester. Can we just declare the College Republicans a hate group, disband them, and be done with it?


  1. says

    At least tearing down a piece of paper takes fewer seconds than putting it up. Still, it’s a pity that keeping the campus clean of hate messages will take some effort. In a civilized society those shouldn’t be appearing in the first place.

  2. unclefrogy says

    @3 clearly we have not yet reached that level of civilization yet.
    I will add that the progress we have been able to achieve thus far has been very difficult and the struggle does seem to be showing any signs of letting up.
    uncle frogy

  3. Akira MacKenzie says

    John Morales @ 6

    Well, if I had any lingering respect for Tyson, it’s been hideously murdered right now.

  4. wzrd1 says

    I know how they’d get torn down around me.
    I’d tear them down and toss them into a secure office paper recycling bin.
    Thinking of nothing more than, eventually they’ll run out of enough money for a ream or so of paper and heaven knows how many toner cartridges.
    If they made the mistake of using inkjet printers, that bankruptcy would be quite swift.

    I’m not genteel on removing a potentially harmful public forum.
    I’d be removed, ugly.
    Everything spoken by idiot gets spun crowd, despite my loathing of the practice.
    Anyone I’ve worked with did establish counsels and a flowchart of responsibilities.
    That, a potential path forward, against far right monsters.

    I person, I’m usually accepted as a nice guy. There is another side of me which I dislike, largely due to being exceptionally proficient at it.
    PsyOps and general psychology and other indicators with one dealing with any specific individual.
    I’m also the prick to, while you’re distracted, produce nearly impenetrable devices.

  5. quixotic8uddha says

    I hate when the word gender is used to mean sex. There are 3 genders in English: masculine, feminine and neuter.

  6. Rowan vet-tech says

    @quixotic8uddha, gender as experienced by individual human beings is not limited to just 3 options.