1. whheydt says

    I’m wondering about the great helm. Aside from the projections at the top, that’s a pretty common SCA design. (And while I can think of a possible reason for those projections, I can also see the marshalls objecting to them.)

  2. Kevin Dugan says

    @#3 whheydt: In the SCA, projections upward indicate a peerage above knighthood, and 6 projections is associated with a Baron, though they should be rounded as they represent “pearls”. It could be argued that the pointiness makes it a Duke’s crown “Strawberry leaves” I don’t know how this applies to historical sumputuary laws.

  3. whheydt says

    Re: Kevin Dugan @ #4…
    I’m familiar with SCA usage as regards regalia. And you are correct that the points could be for a barony–either landed or court. I just don’t recall seeing it done as metal sticking above the top of a helm.

    –Hal Ravn, OL, OP, Grant of Arms, OLM, AA, Def. West, Baron of the Court of the West

  4. pilgham says

    I’m going to guess there used to be more to that helm, but that stuff was taken off and sold in some post crusade financial reversal.

  5. whheydt says

    Re: robertbaden @ #8…
    Pretty much basic barrel helm except for the extensions on the top. The good helm in the Nevsky film is the one that Alexsander himself wears. It’s an exact replica of the real one that is in the Hermitage Museum in (again) St. Petersberg.

    Re: pigham @ #9…
    Doubt it. It appears to be new. No dents, not streaks from duct tape, no corrosion. It looks to have been photoshopped from someones catalog.

  6. says

    Is the interesting things thread closed? I wanted to point out that oxygen is limited as a way of looking for life on other planets because it’s a result biological pollution 2.4 or so billion years after liquid water appeared.

    I’ve been thinking about abiogenesis a lot lately and there could be other paths that metabolism might take that don’t overwhelm the O2 sinks.