Children are to be sold quietly to billionaires, not heard

In case you were wondering what the worst reaction to Greta Thunberg might be, let’s look in on a Libertarian Communist Catholic’s (what?) opinion:

He’s not even being provocative! He just thinks girls can’t have credible opinions if raping them makes you a pedophile.

That’s probably the Catholic side of his bio speaking. Well, maybe the Libertarian side, too.

By the way, he’s quite proud of his tweet, and is bragging that Twitter didn’t see any problems with it, either.


  1. Jeremy Shaffer says

    … a Libertarian Communist Catholic’s (what?)…

    He’s probably an anarcho-capitalist who is at least self-aware enough to know that ancaps are pathetic jokes and just relabeled it Libertarian Communist.

  2. prostheticconscience says

    There are libertarian communists (lower-left corner of the Political Compass), but the pedophiles (excuse me, ephebophiles) are usually on the lower-right.

  3. a_ray_in_dilbert_space says

    You know, I don’t think I’d leave any of my female relatives alone with Justin. Hell, I don’t think I’d leave him alone with a female pet. Just, Ewww!

  4. jack16 says

    Wish you guys would define your terms. Anagrams too; most of the time they, anagrams, are multiple.

  5. Rob Grigjanis says

    “Here’s the problem. Fucking fix it!” isn’t trying to ‘guide’ anything. It’s no surprise that a child can understand the problem, but it’s hugely depressing that so many adults can’t refuse to, and use whatever ridiculous deflections they can to dismiss her.

  6. Ridana says

    5) @ jack16: “an anarcho-capitalist who is at least self-aware enough to know that ancaps are pathetic jokes…”

    And did you mean “acronyms” instead of “anagrams”?

  7. F.O. says

    Wait what.
    I am probably an anarchist, and I understand that “libertarian socialist” is another word for anarchist, so I would expect “libertarian communism” to be very close to that.

    The way I would see this, is not going by age but by power difference that age implies, and Epstein is the textbook example of someone that exploits their power to abuse someone who is in a position of weakness.

    So the guy there is saying that since age puts Greta Thunberg in a position of weakness…
    She is being abused and controlled by adults?
    The context are completely different. WTF. I’m seriously confused.

    Regardless, I’ve seen this a lot since Thunberg came to fame: whatever anyone think of her is irrelevant.
    She’s the messenger, she’s the media, her job is to make a lot of noise and get people talking about climate breakdown.
    There is nothing to “trust” about what she says, because it’s not her saying it, but EVERY FUCKING SCIENTIST THAT STUDIES CLIMATE FOR THE PAST THIRTY YEARS.
    Any and every attempt at character killing of Greta should be framed in this context.

  8. raven says

    ???? WTF!!!
    This is a non sequitur.
    What does some rich guy paying 16 year olds for sex have to due with climate change???
    Zero, zip, nothing.

    It’s also a fallacy, an ad hominem attack.
    Whether Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old girl or a 60 year old man makes no difference in whether her points on climate change are true and correct or not.

  9. raven says

    Speaking of credibility, a looneytarian Catholic who is obviously stupid and mentally twisted like Justin Murphy doesn’t have any.

    He did do the world a huge favor though.
    He’s managed to hoist a whole lot of red flags in one tweet.
    No one is going to let young girls near that guy.
    No one is going to let young boys near that guy.
    No one is going to let adult females or males near that guy.
    No one going to let animals or anything living near that guy.
    Rocks and dirt are just going to have to take their chances though.

  10. F.O. says

    Perused this guy’s Twitter, and yeah, he seems an actual anarcho-communist, if quite on the wanky side and he smells a bit of a grifter, but can’t be assed to investigate more.
    What I can say is that his views are not representative of anacho-communists.

  11. kome says

    It’s really quite disturbing how quickly and eagerly these creeps are to out themselves as sympathetic to pedophilic tendencies in response to any instance, no matter how completely unrelated to the concept of sex at all, where people are being asked to actually listen to what a girl or a woman is saying.

  12. Pierce R. Butler says

    At least we can feel secure that Greta Thunberg is safe from Jeffrey Epstein.

    I hope she never goes anywhere, especially in the USA, without a stout cadre of friends.

  13. unclefrogy says

    as has been said that mofo is demonstrates everything that is wrong with climate debating deniers.
    she is correct in identifying the core problem short term profit
    that focus is one of the main central causes of the economic mess we find ourselves in. That focus on quarterly profits increases the instability and encourages quick short term solutions that make bad policy.
    why spend the money on working toward a zero waste system when we can just dump any old crap onto anyplace and let someone else fix it and government through political forces makes solutions aimed at the next election with an eye on political contributions.
    I see nothing so unusual or novel about a young person challenging the adult world directly nor in the public listening
    uncle frogy

  14. Skeletaldropkick says

    If it makes anyone feel better, this guy had pretty much 0 audience before this. His 11K followers are most likely bought as his previous tweets had about 0-6 likes. He is a complete waste of any of our time. If anything, this may be playing into the Streisand effect and gaining him followers.

  15. ck, the Irate Lump says

    Well, I guess he tried to be original. It’s just a variation on the idea that she’s being controlled by her parents. Most surprising is that he did not choose to weaponize autism against her (this time?), like so many of the others who have slung venom at her.

    And then, for the ultimate irony, the same people who were saying the climate scientists were all motivated by money to study global warming, are now claiming that they don’t want to get their science from a kid, and want to only listen to scientists.

  16. kenfabian says

    Much easier to get people to ignore a teenager than ignore decades of consistent top level expert advice – which is why the focus will be on a teenager and not about those in positions of high trust and responsibility who are persistently ignoring the consistent top level expert advice.

  17. mnb0 says

    “He’s probably an anarcho-capitalist”
    Given that large companies usually have power, authority and responsibilities flowing top-down and anarchism bottom-up this sounds like a contradictio in terminis to me. Or did I miss something and are companies like Shell and Walmart run by the labourers these days, with CEOs extensively justifying their decisions to their representatives, who have the authority to fire incapable CEOs?

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