You may be spared any spider posts today

I know you’re going to miss them. Today is the start of our August spider survey, so shortly my students and I are going to start rummaging around in grungey garages and sheds, counting spiders, and we have to push hard because it’s a short week, since I’m flitting off to Missouri on Thursday. That means a long day and getting home all dirty and sweaty and bleary-eyed.

Maybe if I see some weird and exotic specimen, I might shoot a photo, but mainly we expect hordes of our familiar theridiidae and pholcidae, and I’ll just be ticking off tallies. It’s data, though!


  1. PaulBC says

    I’m curious where all this spidering is headed. I can understand taking pictures of as many varieties you can find in nature, but breeding them seems a little odd. Any plan or just a hobby?