I’ve got homework ahead of me

I’ve been making a pest of myself on iNaturalist the past few months, throwing in photographs of spiders with my wild, poorly-informed guesses about their identity (I’m a total newb in this business, just an enthusiastic newb), and someone took pity on me and recommended another field guide I can use, specific to this region. It’s Spiders of the North Woods by Larry Weber, and I ordered it on the spot. Yay! I look forward to being slightly less annoying to the real arachnologists!

It won’t be here until Monday, though, and today we’re driving from Duluth back to Morris, and I’ll keep on poking my face into spider webs on the way.


  1. =8)-DX says

    The spider prominently featured on the cover is THICC.
    Good luck on your spider-sciencing PZ!

  2. nomdeplume says

    Gosh, PZ, a “book”, made from paper and ink, printed and bound? Spider people are old school…