Jacob Wohl keeps kicking his own ass

It’s a marvel. He keeps putting himself in the spotlight to do something incredibly stupid.

He got some fool college kid to help him make the claim that Pete Buttigieg assaulted him…but the kid backed down and confessed to making the story up, so Wohl and Burkman just did a press conference in their driveway in which the piece de resistance was a video of the kid drinking a caramel frappucino. He’s got a Starbucks caramel frappuccino. Most forced coercion events… do not involve caramel frappuccino. No one has argued that this was a case of “forced coercion”.

They announced that there were going to be “hundreds” of protesters showing up at their press conference (that’s all these guys do, I think, is call “press conferences” for attention), and as evidence, they showed that there was an Eventbrite event organized by Leftist agitators.

Examining the event revealed that the organizer was…Jacob Wohl.

I’m sure the only reason journalists show up for their press conferences at all any more is just to see Wohl and Burkman faceplant.


  1. F.O. says

    I’ll post it here because I’m unsure where else to ask.
    An online friend of mine is getting sucked in the MGTOW world. The philosophy where everything is stacked against them so they have no responsibility is appealing to him, but he is in a non-ideal RL situation, he’s super lonely and I think he’s suffering of heavy depression.
    Does anybody know of any online community that could help him feel like he belongs and he is supported where I could direct him?
    He’s not an asshole nor a misogynist and I don’t want him to become one.

    I’m trying to talk to him, but I am not a community, I am one anti-social introvert and there is only so much I can do.
    Thanks <3

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Wow! Not even bright enough to set up an alias? I’d feel sad for him if his stupidity wasn’t combined with pure evil.

  3. blf says

    From the article cited in the OP:

    […] Burkman demanded that Democratic presidential candidates visit his Arlington home to submit to a background check and rigorous vetting interview. In exchange for the vetting, Burkman offered to give candidates the Wohl–Burkman Seal of Approval. If candidates didn’t submit to the vetting, Burkman claimed, voter confidence in elections would be completely destroyed.

    We want you to think of this home as the center of 2020, Burkman said.

    Even in the highly unlikely event they aren’t lying, I smell more more world-class pratfalls in the offing…

  4. petesh says

    I usually wonder why the press doesn’t just ignore people like this, but I have to admit that this pair are inadvertently entertaining. Watching them go to jail will be a scream.

  5. Jeremy Shaffer says

    I’m sure the only reason journalists show up for their press conferences at all any more is just to see Wohl and Burkman faceplant.

    I saw on Twitter, in response to someone asking this same question, a journalist jokingly posted a picture of the several boxes of free Dunkin Donuts they had available to the press.

  6. says


    I’m not sure, but the person who would know is David Futrelle over at WeHuntedTheMammoth.com, and they have open threads all the time.

    The site doesn’t require registration to comment. (Though you fo have to type in an e-mail address, but on the third hand Futrelle doesn’t seem to use it for anything.) I would strongly recommend asking your question there, but if you don’t feel like you can for some reason, I’m willing to ask over there for you and bring the answer back to this thread. There’s just the extra communication delay of having one more connection necessary, but it’s possible…

  7. davidrichardson says

    And talking of right-wing asshats, Sargon of Akkad has been stripped of his ability to earn money from his YouTube channel. He’s been repeatedly ‘joking’ about raping a Labour MP, so, eventually, after several years, it became too much for YouTube. His channel hasn’t been blocked, but he’s out of the YouTube Partner Program, so he doesn’t get a share of any advertising revenue any more:


  8. F.O. says

    @Cryp Dyke: It’s a really good idea, I didn’t consider it. Thanks a lot!

    And sorry for the OT.

  9. says

    WeHuntedTheMammoth.com is a treasure trove for incel issues.

    What you describe sounds a bit like how I felt a while back. My issue was anxiety with a heavy social component. It made it very difficult to even be round people, with predictable results for my love life.
    I learned a lot from a course of therapy. It gave surprisingly quick results. I don’t want to project too much of myself unto your friend, but perhaps he would benefit also? I received help from a local organization. Maybe you can look into what options are available?

  10. Zmidponk says

    He got some fool college kid to help him make the claim that Pete Buttigieg assaulted him

    It’s actually even worse than that – according to said kid, the posts making the allegations were made under the kid’s name, on social media accounts using his pictures, but by someone else, without his consent. So it looks like Wohl actually carried out a form of identity theft against this kid to fake the allegations against Buttigieg.

  11. ridana says

    No one has argued that this was a case of “forced coercion”.

    Well, actually Hunter Kelly was claiming that, in an effort to get himself off the hook for his role in even associating with these loons and signing their claim. But it’s true that no one reporting the story is arguing that.

    What I thought was amusing (?) in their rebuttal was the disclaimer that “most forced coercion events… do not involve caramel frappuccino.” So I guess some do, in which case, this could be one of those, right?

    At least they didn’t do the whole press con with their zippers down this time. Baby steps!

  12. gijoel says

    @F.O the only thing I have to add to everyone’s advice is make sure you’re safe. Remember that your first duty of care is towards yourself. (I hope that makes sense I’m a little tired at the moment.)

  13. F.O. says

    @LykeX #9
    Therapy is on the table and hopefully he’ll get it, but my friend’s situation is complicated, so it’s not something easy to set up.
    His problem is not with his love life, just with loneliness, and I think he likes to dwell with the MGTOW because of the shared nihilism.
    He seems to keep a perspective on what he’s doing, so I’m hopeful he’ll stay away from most of the toxicity.

    @gijoel #12
    Thanks. In this specific case it shouldn’t be a problem. He’s a good friend and fucked up as he is, I trust him.
    Also, we never met in person and we don’t know each other RL names, so there is only so much he can do.

  14. skybluskyblue says

    F.O. If your friend is willing r/menslib i.e. men’s lib[eration] is a very supportive and progressive community that gets questions from people like your friend all the time. If your friend looks through older posts I’m sure he’ll find exactly what he’s looking for if he’s looking for specific answers. Other men socialize in the threads including men that talk about exactly what he is feeling and going through. If he wants to talk to other men outside of the threads the mods there can recommend other ways of socializing online besides the interactions in the sub..

  15. F.O. says

    @skybluskyblue #14: thanks, it’s exactly what I was looking for.
    I fear it’s far too positive and not enough nihilistic for him to accept, but I’ll try to send it his way anyway.
    Wish I had that myself a few years back.

  16. ck, the Irate Lump says

    ridana wrote:

    At least they didn’t do the whole press con with their zippers down this time. Baby steps!

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly want them getting better at this. Honestly, I’m hoping one of them shows up at the next “press conference” with their underwear on the outside of their clothes next time.