PragerU is just another creationist garbage heap

I had a rough day today, after a couple of poor nights of fitful sleep, so I was mostly useless and unfocused all day long. But then I got a second wave this evening, partly driven by my disgust with this horrible, dishonest, fraudulent organization called PragerU, so I talked into a microphone for a bit to vent. Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight having purged myself of some black bile.


  1. says

    Even Dawktur Lawbstur has done a Prager ad, telling the rubes that lefty professors & deans (presumably cultural Marxists) are purposely undermining Western society. Imho that displays the integrity of both Peterson and Dean Dennis in hi-def.

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Ah yes, Prager “University!” The best excuse for “PC Thought Police on campus” that ever existed.

  3. Mobius says

    Brian Keith “Mr. Deity” Dalton has done quite a number of videos on Prager U. on religion.

  4. uticusprime says

    PZ. I believe you know what Sam Harris has said about PragerU. It’s not hard to find their contentious debate online… maybe more than one I can’t remember.