Well, the ventral nerve cord is in the right place

But I still think the homologies are misaligned. It’s a better version of what Spider-Man ought to have looked like.

Lots of body horror here, so maybe I should warn you all and tuck it below the fold.

I tried, but I haven’t been able to find the source of the original image — Google just leads me into the slimy bowels of Reddit and various creepypasta sites, and no one is giving credit to the artist. Maybe they don’t want their identity known.

The creator has been identified! Link added to the photo.


  1. says

    That’s what (Un)Intelligent Design gives you. All those human limbs thrashing around without shoulder girdles/hips to hold them together.

  2. says

    Patricia Piccinini as the artist, maybe? I haven’t seen this one specifically, but she does a lot of the hyperrealistic animal/human hybrid sculptures that get passed around as a creepypastas online.

  3. shelly says

    I’m not familiar with that sculpture, but it looks very much like the hyperrealist work of Australian artist Patricia Piccinini.

  4. zetopan says

    “Don’t step on it! It might be Lon Chaney!”

    The flip side is that it might be Dick Cheney.