The kindest critic of them all

My favorite book reviewer, Dana from Glenville, sent me a present. That was very kind of her.

I appreciate that she even included instructions on its use, but, generous as she is, I’m not going to dab mysterious liquids received in the mail on myself. Instead, I’m going to save it close at hand in case there is an outbreak of vampires.

I did consider putting it in an atomizer to see what effect it might have on my spiders, but right now I don’t have any to spare for experimentation.


  1. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    She makes me sad. She seems to really be trying, but… I wish she would use her energy for something more useful.

  2. Pierre Le Fou says

    Has anyone ever tried to do a chemical analysis of holy water to see if there’s anything different in it from ordinary tap water? What about using a mass spectrometer to make sure? :-)

    I bet negative results wouldn’t convince the faithful, though. They would just claim ‘religious magic’ can’t be proven by science. That’s whenever they can’t get science to say something they like though.

  3. laurian says

    Once your brood is healthy I think you should try it on the spiders. See if you can create some sort of Christian arachnid chimera. That would be cool.

  4. Sean Boyd says

    I suspect one can apply homeopathy to the use of Holy Water™: if it is holy now, wait ’til you dilute it 1000x!

  5. jacksprocket says

    Sean @7, that’s what my Granny used to do. When the bottle of Lourdes water (given by one of ter daughters) was getting low, she used to top it up from the tap. She sprinkled it on us little ones if we said naughty words. It must have worked, because I’m an atheist, but a Catholic atheist.

  6. Don F says

    That seems nice enough, but look at those instructions: they result in you making the sign of a cross that’s UPSIDE DOWN!
    What kind of awful thing would that DO to you?!!?

  7. Pierre Le Fou says

    Dave @9, thanks for the link, the contamination of holy water is appalling (yet not too surprising). I’ll tell some religious people I know to be careful with that stuff.

    By the way, I own one of Jon Rosenberg’s “I am the kwisatz haderach” t-shirt; it’s one of my favorite shirt. It’s the fourth t-shirt on this page:

  8. seachange says

    Holy Water is almost homeopathic. The blessedness of it remains just as blessed as it was before it got diluted by new water as long as any quantity of new water added to the font is less than the quantity remaining. How often the font can be blessed, how often it may be refilled and by whom varies by religion.

    The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Los Angeles had a font in front of it instead of inside, and it was at ground level accessible to everyone no matter who. Unfortunately the winds of downtown and thoughtless people would toss trash into it, so now it is dry and you have to use the baptismal font if you want any holy water.

  9. brucegee1962 says

    If only vampires existed, we could have an experiment where we captured one and poured holy water on one half and regular water on the other, to see which half blistered. Why couldn’t we get to see that scene in Twilight?

  10. says

    #13: I have the sugar skull, squid vs. weinermobile, and science is satan spelled backwards shirts myself. There are a couple others on that page I’d like, once my bank account recovers from this year.