1. Sunday Afternoon says

    Given the recent threats to keep the government shut down for months or even a year, I don’t see how he cannot be impeached. By definition, this is failing “to execute the Office of the President of the United States.” The question is, how long can the “Republicans” in Congress continue to excuse such behaviour?

  2. nomdeplume says

    All of the vile abuse that Trump and his acolytes heap on anyone who dares oppose them in any way, and a jokey colloquialism from the left gets them all in a tizzy.

  3. hemidactylus says

    Ok. I was being overly polite on a previous thread half wondering what might trigger a filter, but given the OP: “IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER!!!!”

    Sounds cathartic to say, but similar to Ocasio-Cortez’s notion of 70% top marginal, how far does it get beyond the House 🙁

  4. tomh says

    ” how far does it get beyond the House?”
    Not far, it dies in the Senate, but what it does do is get people talking about all the reasons it should happen.

  5. Kamaka says

    @ 1

    Mitch McConnell is just as complicit. The cowardly enabler has been hiding. Mitch is not even letting a vote be taken because Big Baby Donald might not sign the bill.

    Mitch is worried about not creating divisions in the party while 800,000 of his employees are fucked.

    But not to worry, Mitch has plenty of money and is getting a nice fat raise right about now. I’d like a $10,000 raise, too. But no, my latest raise is 2% or so.

    Don’t get me started on my tax refund. The IRS is already way behind. Guess I’ll have to wait. Who knows how long it will take the Feds to return my money. I had plans for that refund.

    At least I get time to budget, unlike some of my fellow citizens who are so screwed.

  6. rietpluim says

    It baffles me that the government can even be shut down, and civil servants are forced to work without pay.
    That is one fucked up country you have there, Americans.

  7. Allison says

    I can’t agree with this.

    Much as I think That Man is really, really, awful, I am not ready to support the idea of impeachment.

    I’ve lived through two impeachment processes already, and they were awful, awful experiences for pretty much the whole country. There were no winners.

    Besides, for impeachment to go anywhere, you’d have to get a majority of the House to agree and then 2/3 of the Senate to vote to convict. With that kind of margin, Congress could simply block the President from his excesses, which is a far less toxic way of handling things.

    I understand the attraction of impeachment (and conviction?); it’s like punching nazis, or blowing up the World Trade Center. It gives you a quick hit of satisfaction. But it doesn’t really solve anything. In the long run, That Man is not really the problem. It’s all the people who like what he’s doing and enable him and vote for him and pass the laws he wants passed. After all, if That Man gets kicked out, we then get Mr. Pence, who is arguably worse.

  8. lanir says

    @6 rietpluim:

    It’s the end result of long, expensive (but not relative to the gains involved) campaigns to push entitled, selfish philosophies on as many Americans as possible. Tea baggers (yes, I remember the first public name you assholes used before you got embarrassed), libertarians, and all the various small government fruit loops have come to the conclusion that not having a government will give them an enlightened entitled anarchy. One where everyone else follows rules and is stuck on “best behavior” mode while they get to do whatever they please and still pretend they’re good people.

    In this sort of environment where one side can always derail every issue with proposals that amount to “Scorched Earth? Really such a bad thing or not?” you can see how shutting down the govermnent stops being an option with negative connotations.

  9. unclefrogy says

    well I also remember at least one impeachment which was pretty tawdry. There had been talk of another but that guy had some honer and courage and some sense at least to make some kind of unspoken deal and resign. He had been guilty of some high crimes and misdemeanors
    The guy in question here is bringing this on himself with the help of his “deplorables” and boot licking opportunists in the republican party who have abandoned any ideals they might once have had and have sold out for power alone.
    This guy is forcing the issue and is all he appears to be and more no doubt. If we are to be a country of law then we just may have to walk through this impeachment fire to make it so, or just let the jockeying for power and political intrigue and all the traditional corruption that goes along with that be our path.
    hail Caesar !!
    NO Kings
    uncle frogy

  10. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    regardless of whether impeachment will get him tossed at the end, it will keep him busy in the process, IE distracted, like he usually tosses around, from instituting more destruction on our institutions of protection, IE EPA, FDA, etc.
    During the impeachment proceedings, Mueller could file all the indictments he’s been collecting, for a salvo of charges to get him from all sides at once.

  11. bassmanpete says

    Kamaka said, “…while 800,000 of his employees are fucked.”

    Correct me if I’m wrong (I’m used to the UK and Australia) but in a democracy that should be “…800,000 of his employERS are fucked”. I take it McConnell’s salary is paid out of taxpayer’s money?

  12. Kamaka says

    bassmanpete @ 12

    Well, the 800,000 I refer to are Federal employees, so I think it’s fair to say “his employees”, particularly when he is deliberately blocking the legislation that will get these people back to work, so as to protect Mussolini Orange’s delicate fee-fees. (Though it may be that McConnell fears a huge Trumpy Tempy Tantrum.)

    But, you are correct, these same fucked-over folks do pay taxes so they are indeed McConnell’s employers.