There is a hell

And I just missed it, fortunately. There was a conference going on in Florida, and these were the headliners.

Jesus. And that’s not all. Also speaking at this event were Laura Ingraham, Nigel Farage, Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, Jesse Watters, James O’Keefe, Wilbur Ross, and a mass of other shoggoths. It’s over now, but wow, the worst people on Earth were all gathered in one spot at the same time, and a meteor did not strike, a chasm did not yawn open, thunder and lightning did not scorch that locus of evil into a puddle of burning grease.

Which proves that there is a hell, but there is definitely no god.


  1. says

    There is a god but “Gott ist nicht bei uns”. As this assortment of fasicsts, neo-Nazis and right wing fundangelical ding bats would say, “Gott ist bei ihnen”. At least that what Google Translate tells me.

  2. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    Anyone want to argue that Peterson is just a centrist intellectual and not a far-right demagogue? I think now is the time to try that claim.

    Just surprised Harris didn’t make it. I guess he still thinks he’s really just a sensible liberal.

  3. says

    The head shot presumably provided by D’Souza to adorn the event’s poster demonstrates that (a) he cannot be photographed without looking like a simpering fool and (b) he doesn’t even have to wit to notice.

  4. Zeppelin says

    If that’s in reference to the Prussian/Wehrmacht belt buckle slogan you’ve got the wrong preposition. “Gott mit uns”, not “Gott bei uns”.

  5. John Morales says

    Typical headline stuff. Disappointing.
    Having to put up with idiots is par for the course, but hardly hellish.

    That’s more the brutal psychosexual torture sorta thing. But then, I suppose I was indoctrinated into Catholicism, rather than something wishy-washy.

    Better to save the adjective for when it’s merited, rather than succumb to the vivid headline for the pallid reality. IMO, obs.

    (Also, pretending to fear the mundane doesn’t fool the universe into sparing you, that’s magical thinking. Doesn’t work on that level, either.)

  6. rayceeya says

    James O’Keefe AKA the most punchable bro dude ever. If I lived there I’d gladly pay the entry fee to sock that little prick in the face.
    Pardon my lack of civility, but some people just don’t deserve it.

  7. hemidactylus says

    I wonder if Peterson enjoyed one of the guided witch hunts the Everglades is famous for. There’s a hunting lodge, a buffet lunch, and all the beer you can drink.

  8. hemidactylus says

    Odd coincidence (or synchronicity) I just read a part of Lawrence and Jewett’s The Myth of the American Superhero where they draw a similar comparison to the closing awards ceremony in Star Wars: a New Hope as reminiscent of Triumph of the Will

    These authors analyze American media creations such as Westerns, revenge films (Death Wish) and Space Opera in terms of a monomyth. Interesting in parts, but too much of a shoehorn. For instance they craft Rambo as an incel dreamboat (no women allowed) yet diminish the character Co Bai’s contribution to Rambo’s mission in Rambo II from my recollection. Not that she became the ultimate female role model, but she was more important than the authors convey.

    There are other places were they stretch things a bit such as their overarching analysis of Eastwood’s Unforgiven but even there they got me thinking of the movie in a different light.

    They use Jungian themes in their analysis, but don’t overdo it except the shoehorning. They do aptly discuss Star Wars in light of Moyers’ interview of Joseph Campbell.

    Their use of archetypes as themes in culture analysis was a shoehorn, but nowhere near as egregious as Peterson’s lobster nonsense or witches live in Swamps.

  9. Chris Capoccia says

    when boobs are more prominent in your head shot than your head, it can’t be your brains they’re thinking of. also this is the same woman who allegedly lost her job at fox for inappropriate behavior including showing coworkers dick picks

  10. weylguy says

    #17 — I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the giant boobs in those two photos (actually, they’re all boobs). I thought I was some kind of sex maniac or — worse — a conservative.