1. sparks says

    Look at it this way PZ: Yes, your eyes will drop out, but you’ll have a better appreciation for reality. Your hearing will improve to compensate. You’ll develop a keen(er) appreciation for music. That’s worth the trade, isn’t it? :)

  2. nimrod43 says

    The late ecologist B.W. Wells claimed that a scientist loses his/her grip on science as age advances but appreciation of the arts intensifies. PZ, consider taking up dance, painting, music. You would be sensational in ballet.

  3. Callinectes says

    Your wrinkled skin will thicken like unto leather armour, your joints will swell until you become a parody of the human form done in cantaloupes and coconuts, increasing the leverage available to your muscles by increasing the force of the moment arm and allowing you to lift ten times your own weight. Your genitalia and gonads will vanish, and a second two-chambered heart will form in your groin at the fusion of your femoral veins. Your arms will lengthen, your fingernails will turn into retractable claws. Your teeth will fall out and your lips and gums will fuse, your mouth will become a horny beak. All of your hair will fall out and your head will acquire a bony ridge to protect your newly expanded cranium. Your expanded skull will allow your brain to grow to an enormous size, and the whole of your improved intellect will be instinctively, single-mindedly, and violently focused on the preservation of your bloodline.

  4. Onamission5 says

    I dunno, @sparks, I’m only 47 and my hearing seems to be going the way of my eyesight. I think my elder years will be filled less with appreciation of music and more with squinting at increasingly blurry scenery while saying “Huh? Can you repeat that?”

  5. DanDare says

    Mine was a stuffed Koala. Eventually all of its hair fell off. It lost its eyes but I sewed on new ones. Several times. That’s the bit I’m not looking forward to. I mean, I’ve seen Corolyn ok?