1. Jeremy Shaffer says

    Innuendo Studios is a good YouTube channel in general, but the whole of their Alt-Right Playbook series is excellent!

  2. dragon64 says

    I like it, but not sold on everything it seems to say. For example, it doesn’t recognize that the “process” has produced victories for justice over the last 100 or so years like the enfranchisement of women and people of color. We could talk about other stuff that has generally made this place a better place to live, like Marriage equality, etc. The writer doesn’t account for the fact that change is held back through systems that give land more power than the people, for example the senate, the electoral college (Dems have won 6 of the last 7 presidential elections but only 4 presidencies). How do you go for “justice” in that? And what does the alt-right attack on his benefactors and websites have anything to do with the “process” and how democrats work?