Winter in Minnesota

Who is that artist clinging to my bedroom ceiling?

She does exactly this — although I don’t know if she has the malicious grin. Also, she does drag all the blankets to her side, so that I wake up at 3am wondering why the front half of my body is currently frozen solid.


  1. Ogvorbis wants to know: WTF!?!?!?! says

    Wife has the ability to bring her hands down to about 95 degrees. Kelvin. And then she puts them on warm and sensitive parts of my body.

    She can even achieve cold hands during a heat wave in July.

    And, right now, it is the heat of the day. 17F

  2. robro says

    In fairness, we should hear from the other side of this controversy. My personal experience is that there are never enough blankets for either of the two people sleeping together. I think it’s the First Law of Thermal Blankets, or something. Also, I highly recommend a mattress cover with heating elements. Nothing like warmth under you to create a cozy environment.

  3. rietpluim says

    Winter in Minnesota even made the news in The Netherlands!

    My wife and I share everything, even the bedroom cold. I get all the blankets and her freezing feet.

  4. blf says

    Winter in Minnesota even made the news in The Netherlands!

    From the Grauniad, Hypothermia and frostbite warnings as Arctic freeze spreads across northern US:

    The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that International Falls, Minnesota, the self-proclaimed “Icebox of the Nation”, plunged to -37C, breaking the old record of -32C set in 1924. Hibbing, Minnesota, bottomed out at -28C, breaking the old record of -27C set in 1964.


    The NWS said wind chills in many areas on Thursday could make temperatures feel below zero.

    Seems like there might be just a tiny bit of an understatement there. Still, whatever makes the news in the Netherlands…

    (Yes, the second quoted Grauniad paragraph is out-of-context.)

  5. René says

    @5, rietpluim: Please stop embarrasing your compatriots. The article in ‘ “The” Netherlands ‘ is as ridiculous as addressing someone in the US as living in “The United States of America.”


    Washington, D.C.
    The United States of America

    The fucker doesn’t live in The U.S.A, the fucker lives in the U.S.A.

  6. says

    The cat, by the way, has taken to sleeping at the foot of the bed…on her side, not mine. She knows where all the warmth is going to end up.

  7. jazzlet says

    We used to be like this, after my hysterectomy we were equally hot or cold for a few years, then Mr Jazz had a kidney out last year and now it’s him that’s freezing and nicking the duvet. Though as I’m usually boiling hot I don’t mind.

  8. jazzlet says

    At least it’s a cat, I’ve known dogs that pulled this trick. Not even particulary large dogs either.

  9. TheGyre says

    We’ve got a very bright cat. She’s learned that the safest place to sleep is on my wife’s pillow, curled around her skull. My wife looks like a Cossack wearing a huge, furry hat. Very cute.

    As to the bedding, mea culpa, I confess to being the blanket thief. We’ve had no end of tug-of-wars. My wife has long since stopped suffering in silence and on occasion has nearly pulled the blankets, along with me inside, across the bed’s DMZ.

  10. chigau (違う) says

    When I turn over in bed, I do it under the blankets. The blankets don’t move.
    and I wear socks to bed

  11. magistramarla says

    Try sleeping with a cold-fingered blanket thief who uses a CPAP which makes him sound like Darth Vader!

  12. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I use a CPAP machine, and since I’ve had a mild cold for the last two weeks, 3 AM is the middle-of-the-night-hacking-up-phlem-balls-time. The dreams where I need to do something to get a night’s sleep don’t help either.

  13. cartomancer says

    I’ve never slept in the same bed as someone else. I’ve always assumed it would be a pleasant experience, but things like this suggest that may not always be true. Perhaps I ought to pursue it as a goal a little less from now on.

  14. Stardrake says

    My wife and I came up with a solution to the blanket theft problem–we each have our own set of sheets & blankets. This also solves the differing body heat problem–I can be under a couple of sheets while she’s in 2 blankets and maybe a comforter. Solves any number of problems.

  15. says

    We’ve been happily married for 30 years and have slept in separate rooms for 1/2 of that. Nookie time is separate from sleep time.

  16. methuseus says

    It can be pleasant or unpleasant. Some people absolutely hate sharing a bed. I enjoy sharing with my wife, but I don’t think I would care to even try sharing a bed with anyone else. The children don’t count, as I don’t have a say in whether they share or not and I merely endure it when required.

  17. says

    I know a married couple who solved the “blanket stealer” problem by outfitting their king sized bed with two, separate, smaller comforters on top. In place of one main cover, they have two. When each person has his or her own comforter, there’s no fighting over blankets.

  18. antigone10 says

    My spouse and do not sleep well if we’re apart. Something about that skin contact is like a natural relaxant.

    But I am the cold one, and he is the warm one. His theory is that men produce more body heat so that women will want to cuddle up to their stinky selves. My theory is that we have more body fat on average so poorer circulation in our extremities (though there are always exceptions- I have met some warm-blooded women and cold-blooded men). But since we sleep spooned next to each other, no one steals blankets.

  19. rq says

    *highfive* for separate blankets. Solves a multitude of issues while giving you an extra blanket to steal. And snuggling can still happen! And bigger pillowforts.

  20. Onamission5 says

    Spouse and I recently explored the bedding miracle which is called flannel sheets. Suddenly the thermal blanket beneath our quilt has ended its late night travels to one side of the bed and I, the cold footed one, am actually considering giving up sleeping in socks, which is something I haven’t foregone except in the peak of summer for years.

  21. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin — currently now in a standoff with the empty port barrels (they are piled up in one corner, growling, she is in the opposite corner, wielding a cutlass, several sabers, and a margarita (the absinthe apparently wasn’t much help), and in-between is a floor littered with nice-smelling toothpick-sized splinters and smells-of-stale-herring feathers) — claims the solution is simple: Fly off to the tropics for the winter, leaving the egg under the other one. I’m not sure what is done with the cat in this solution; she(the mildly deranged penguin) is currently in a fencing duel with a “Michelin Man” made of port barrels, and so I have only the absinthe to ask…