I get Catholic email, still

Any Catholics out there want to field this one? Despite my reputation, I’m not specifically anti-Catholic, just generally anti-religion, and these weirdly reactionary old school Catholics with their exceeding narrow interpretations of dogma just creep me out. This one comes from some guy who is absolutely convinced that the only true Christian is a Catholic, but at the same time, he argues that the current Pope is the anti-Christ, etc. I’m guessing he’s going to be lonely in heaven as the only True Catholic ever.


Pope Eugenius IV in His infallible Bull ‘Cantate Domino’ at the Council of Florence (1441) declared the Dogma: “The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes, and teaches that none of those who are not within the Catholic Church can ever be partakers of eternal life, but are to go into the eternal fire “prepared for the devil and his angels” unless before the close of their lives they shall have entered into that Church.”

See the following:


Unless a person becomes a Catholic before they die: they will never save their soul.

Right now you are in rebellion against the Truth. According to Theological writings Americans (generally speaking) are hyper-allergic to Christianity, spirituality, and to spiritual truth; but if you managed to overcome that initial hurdle you could discover the beauty of Truth. You will need to say many Hail Marys though. “American identity” is just not compatible with Christianity. Followers of the USA think themselves an exception to the Law of Water Baptism and indeed to all the moral Laws of God for which there are no exceptions. Well you are not “exceptional” and this is what makes you angry at Christianity.

Sadly the USA flag like the Confederacy flag is an anti-Christian symbol whose tricolore (red, white, and blue) represents the slogan “liberty, equality, fraternity” according to the World Atlas website. That revolutionary masonic slogan has been repeatedly condemned as heresy by Christianity because it represents man against God and the overthrow of Christian order and Monarchy which uphold inequality. Millions of Christians were murdered under that slogan (which you venerate via the flag). To learn true compassion and fairness for everyone please see www.mhfm1.com which has many fantastic videos and articles. Many have converted from the American religion to the Christian Faith.

Alexander Emerick

I’ve never said a “hail mary” in my life, and couldn’t if I tried. There’s some words? Do I need to make any mystical gestures?

The bizarre claims about flags at the end is just the ludicrous icing on a fusty old cake made of cobwebs and rotting parchment. No thanks.

Has Christianity and Islam ever not exploited Africa?

Leo Igwe writes about the contribution of Christianity and Islam to modernizing Africa. Against the background of African superstitions, does adding European and Middle Eastern superstitions help?

You will be shocked to learn that no, it does not.

These two religions do not, in any way, constitute ‘modernising forces’ in Africa. They render it increasing difficult to question and challenge supernatural and paranormal claims. Christianity and Islam only add to the existing superstitions, substituting or rebranding magical narratives that already apply in African societies. The skeptics’ movement should make it part of its program to subject Christian and Islamic faith claims to critical evaluation, even at the risk of being accused of racism or islamophobia.

I don’t think bringing in Scientology or Buddhism would counter irrationality either. Let’s criticize all religions.

Just another American with guns

A terrible mass murder in Las Vegas: at least 20 people are dead when a man opened fire on a country western concert. The murderer was a local man named Stephen Paddock, who has since been killed by the police. Reports indicate that he was using some kind of automatic rifle, which you’d guess from the fact he killed a score and wounded at least a hundred, and that a search of his hotel room found even more weapons that he’d left behind. Also, the media is naturally calling him a “lone wolf”, since he’s white and so can’t possibly be a terrorist fed conspiracy theories.

So will this be the final straw that convinces the US to implement some kind of rational gun control?


The New York Times is reporting that the death toll has reached 50.

Once upon a time, there was a Supreme Dark Lord…

…and he decided to enlighten (endarken?) the masses with two great endeavors.

One was to write a comic book about superheroes who fight SJWs. OK, silly, but go ahead, make your story about people with superpowers bopping evil immigrants and antifa.

The other was to…start a university? An online university? A…Voxiversity?

All right, he’s got to be fucking with us. You have got to watch this thing: It’s an animated pop-up book. It opens to “Religion and Philosophy”, which features Vox Day in ridiculous fantasy spiky armor and a spiky throne and a skull. Because of course it does. That’s exactly how we advertise the philosophy department at my university. It’s also precisely how I picture John Wilkins.

Page two is “Male-Female Relations” which features another fantasy warrior-man and a playboy bunny standing atop a pile of nubile women who are dead or something. I guess it’s his alternative to a women’s studies department. I take it he’s going to be teaching gender caricatures.

Page three is “History, Immigration, and War”, with a gigantic suit of golden armor wielding a huge flaming sword. Popping up out of the top of the suit of armor is a tiny Trump-head wearing a baseball cap, like a tiny pimple atop an engorged, inflamed, veiny testicle. In the background, a horde of Pepe the Frog cartoons are driving tanks.

Cut to a dead-eyed, middle-aged man who introduces himself as Vox Day, and assures us that tens of millions of people will want to watch the series of videos he’s calling “Voxiversity”, which the social media giants are trying to silence, so you should send him money.

You are reading my description and refusing to believe this could possibly be true — it’s got to be some kind of over-the-top joke. But no. Watch the video. I was underplaying the cheesiness.

Nobody takes this bozo seriously, do they?

Am I too old to join the Merchant Marine?

Probably, darn it. I had uncles who were in it, and sailed the same routes in the video below, and they had a few stories. There are positives: like the isolation and repetitive mundane tasks and long stretches where nothing happens. There are negatives, like the isolation and repetitive mundane tasks and long stretches where nothing happens. But man, the peacefulness and beauty of the sea sure are tempting.