Oh no, another lawsuit?

I’m a bit fed up with people who turn immediately to lawsuits to get big money for slights, but this one is different.

  • I’m not the one being sued! Yay! That changes one’s whole perspective, I tell you what.

  • It’s Sargon of Akkad being sued. It’s hard to be sympathetic, sorry to say, but if it was another bullshit suit by people angry about being called mean names, I would be.

  • This is not a bullshit suit! He’s actually been caught dead to rights on copyright infringement.

Here’s the person doing the suing to explain it all. Sargon just simply uploaded her video to his monetized channel, no commentary, no satire, just lazily retitling a copy to get mo’ money.

Note too, that in that first link, there are a bunch of Sargon’s buddies and allies telling him that he screwed up and he better settle, so it’s not just my bias compelling me to pick sides here.


  1. Cartimandua says

    Anything that brings Sargon down is a good thing. I was not aware of him until Anita called him out for prolonged abuse. He is the classic bully, that he still has a hosting service is a disgrace.

  2. ck, the Irate Lump says

    It’s clearly Akilah Obviously’s fault. The original video was over a full sargon in length, so it had to be shortened! All joking aside, I think this just demonstrates how lazy the man is. He couldn’t even bother to dub a voice-over mocking the video before uploading it.

    I hope the man is getting advice from an actual lawyer and not just his fans. I can’t imagine he stands much of a chance of winning given what little he did with the video.