Tucker Carlson, xenophobic bigot and dumbass

I’m incapable of watching Tucker Carlson — it’s not just the dumb things he says, but that face he makes when someone he disagrees with says something smarter than he is. The knitted brows, the slightly parted lips, he looks like a yokel trying to puzzle out whether he likes this strange new experience, although he’s pretty sure he doesn’t.

But fortunately, some people do suffer through his shows to figure out what he’s doing, and it’s not pretty. It’s pure white supremacist bullshit, although he cunningly avoids coming right out and saying it. Instead of saying the 14 words, he just cusses out immigrants of all kinds and praises Western Culture, whatever that is.

The last few seconds are ironic. On this one issue, Bill O’Reilly was slightly better than Tucker Carlson (which is not to say that on other issues, he wasn’t worse). The Fox News audience is invariably drawn towards the very worst people.


  1. feministhomemaker says

    PZ, I’m not sure how to best say this but here is a link I found on Freethoughtblogs, first given in the comments of your wonderful post about familial white racism (which inspired me to give an account of my own), in which several folks complained about racist posts by a forethought blogger. She has up now a post seemingly praising Tucker. You may want to say something about it. I never go to other blogs on this network, just pharyngeal, so I was unaware until I read the comments.

    It is disturbing to me too. Disappointing and crazy, a bit like reading on friends Facebook pages comments from hispanics supporting Trump, white women supporting Trump. Several folks have asked for you to comment about this blogger. Please do.

  2. feministhomemaker says

    Sorry for the misspellings. I can’t figure out how to edit a post. I’m a 64 year old luddite only recently on Facebook.

  3. raven says

    … he just cusses out immigrants of all kinds and praises Western Culture, whatever that is.

    There is no such thing as Western Culture.
    It’s as nonsensical a phrase as cultural marxism or xian morality.

    My coastal California culture has zero in common with Tucker Carlson’s retro racist-fascist GOP culture.

    Cultures change and diverge quite rapidly in real time. There have been huge changes just in my lifetime.

  4. emergence says

    feministhomemaker @1

    Yeah, I noticed Anjuli a while back. I figured that I was just reading her wrong. I didn’t think that FTB was monitored so loosely that it would allow a blogger on whose material was directly counter to the purpose of the site. I’m beginning to suspect that I might be wrong.

  5. emergence says

    Tabby Lavalamp @4

    Given what instigated my first comment in this thread, I really hope you’re joking.

  6. Saad says

    emergence, #8

    Tabby is referencing Anjuli’s line from that link:

    Yes, Tucker Carlson (a damn good journalist and a rare specimen these days) is white.

    The more I see from her, the more perplexed I am how she is on FtB. She must have submitted some really carefully selected examples of her writing.

  7. says

    To anyone following my activity at Anjuli’s blog, I mean what I’m saying. I at least try to take criticism from the people here on how I use racism and how I define it. I’m sure it needs tweaking somewhere. I’ll take opinions on if I’m being helpful in other areas too, I want to make sure I’ve got things right.

  8. chigau (違う) says

    Brony #10
    I think you are doing fine.
    but Tillerman is probably Steersman, so you may be wasting your time.

  9. says

    Thank you. That was challenging but I’m glad i did it. I at least tried to make a good case for why this was happening. I want to see them get solutions for what they were concerned with and it felt bad to be critical. It’s not a simple thing at all. I’m trying to develop a finer feel for how social power balances work and practice is as complicated.