A gathering of freethoughtbloggers

We’re doing this again, only this time I’m planning ahead a bit more. At 3pm Central, I’ll be hosting a few more of the bloggers on this network — exactly who will be a surprise.

We’ll go live at 3 or thereabouts. I think you can also do a text chat here with us.

Our guest was Matt Herron of Fierce Roller, and we talked about the evolution of multicellularity (a very cool subject — he works on Volvox, which is right there on the boundary between colonial and multicellular organisms), a little bit about weird creationist ideas, and a bit about social justice in the science community. Check out his blog!


  1. numerobis says

    A brainfart of freethoughtbloggers?
    A concept of freethoughtbloggers?

    Inquiring minds want to know the right term.

  2. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    On hiring, the HR Department needs to consider the effect of the Rooney Rule. Sometimes one needs actually look at the effect of such decisions, and show you have actually explored, with evidence, that you have seriously considered a minority (or majority in the case of women), who are underrepresented.
    That is why I don’t think pretending society shouldn’t consider other factors, other than “the best person for the job”, until they can show, with evidence, that all applicants are considered equally despite gender and “color”.

  3. rhebel says

    Although I said last time was my last, this truly is due to the additional post. I will not revisit FTb. The vitriol sent towards me makes my personal depression so deep that I will seek out my therapist asap tomorrow. I truly thought I found a community of similarly minded individuals here only to find that I apparently am some sort of psochiopath. It is with my deepest sympathies that I look towards the future very isolated. I work in a department with a 6000 yr creationist, an evangelical and a consummate liar in Wisconsin, home of Gov. Walker. My in-laws would disown my family if they knew we were not actually Catholic. We just put our aunt to final rest after seeing her through her last few years of Alzheimer’s with no help from the extended family, yet I and my family are treated online as priveledged fuckups. I apologize once again to PZ for not having followed up as I thought I had with a more thorough submission, but work tirelessly for the good of all, regardless of any status. I wish you all well, but have left the online community to be at best peace with my own self and family. Signing out. Rhebel

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Signing out. Rhebel

    No loss. You have nothing cogent to say. It is obvious from your overly privileged attitude.
    Change that attitude, and I might wish to listen to you. Only when you can admit you were wrong in the past, due to your unexamined privileges, are you are somebody to be listened to. As is any further copy/pasta post of your idiocy like this re-post which is prima facie evidence that you should be ignored.

  5. says

    They’ve given up and admitted they were wrong, and have announced that they’re leaving.

    Could people be a little more fucking gracious about it?

  6. says


    I will not revisit FTb.

    Sorry to hear that. I missed all this, obviously, but if you find yourself in need of support, I can offer my small space, myself, and my tiny commentariat. Got an open thread there.