1. blf says

    And what … is that pink octopus stuffed with?

    That is basically backwards. The pink thing is teh evil cat, soaked in the gooey remains of the stuffed octopus, which is the black thing once it is turned back to be inside-in (it’s currently inside-out, you can tell because it appears to have binocular vision). Only five or so the stuffed arms are visible — two appear to bave been mostly bitten-off — the remainder are, presumably, either under the remains or fully bitten-off. The pink-covered evil cat, please notice, appears to be on a leash and has about the usual number of cat legs, providing additional evidence of both its evil- and cat-like natures.

    Of course, exactly what gooey pink substance the octopus was stuffed with remains unclear. Since this is poopyhead, I suspect either zebrafish or “waste” from the vats, presumably — at least partially — consisting of not-quite(?) fully dissolved students. Possibly seasoned with troll. A strong vin rouge is suggested, such as a Gigondas or California Zinfandel.

  2. magistramarla says

    Awww The kitty is beautiful. We used to have a male named Kool Cat (KC for short) who looked exactly like her.
    Warning PZ: KC lived to the ripe old age of 18 years.
    Now I must find a stuffed octopus for my two young kitties. I think they might enjoy it.

  3. cartomancer says

    mijobagi, #4

    If you’ve been using “octopi” then yes, you have. We get the word from Latin, but although it looks like a second declension masculine noun (whereby it would have a nominative plural ending in -i) it is in fact a third declension noun (genitive form octopodis), so the proper Latin plural would be octopodes.

    But we generally pluralise it in English with the Anglo-Saxon -es ending these days. At any rate, “octopi” works from neither language.

  4. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin maintains the plural of octopus — and indeed of many other seafoods, including seafood — is, depending on your tastes, either sushi or sashimi.

  5. opposablethumbs says

    Phew! As long as I’m still OK to continue indulging a penchant for “octopodes”.

  6. says

    The solution to your demon possessed cat is obvious. Give him a real live octopus to play with. A Giant Pacific Octopus should do it. Failing that go small and try a nice toxic blue-ringed octopus.

  7. chakolate says

    May I say I’m delighted to find you referring to her as ‘our cat’, instead of ”the cat from hell that we’re only looking after until we can get her the hell out of here and into a home that likes cats’.

    I have a cat that looks just like her, except that mine is a love bug and would spend all day every day on my lap if I let her.

  8. LewisX says

    cartomancer, #7

    That sort of thing always had an ablative effect on my genitives until I declined to do it any further.