1. robro says


    Richard Scarry is so well named. I’m sure he produced these things to torture unwitting parents. With 300 books, and 100 million sold, he was well on his way to fomenting the apocalypse. Nice to learn that his son is continuing the tradition.

    By the way, I was trying to log in on another computer I use and kept getting a math problem to solve to prove I’m not a bot. I may be a bot, but not that sort of bot. I’ve never seen this before.

  2. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    cute characterization of Amazon Corp. *wink*
    and literal Helicopter Moms.
    I guess this show how he feels about the prevalence of felines (qats) as memes. *smirk*

  3. whywhywhy says

    I actually loved these books when I was a kid and did not mind reading them to my own kids. Does this mean that I am a deeply disturbed individual? (Looking at his books was a similar joy to looking at maps.)

  4. says

    I loved those books when I was a sproglet. My fave was a book on etiquette, in particular, a page which had to do with being on a bus, and not staring. I identified with the warthog.

  5. magistramarla says

    Yup. I loved them too. Interesting that you associated them with looking at maps, whywhywhy.
    I love maps and have a photographic memory for them (passed down from my Dad, and through me to my son).
    I think that there could be a connection there.

  6. carlie says

    I loooooooved them as a kid. I even had a Busytown building set, which I completely adored. It had a big plastic grid base, and then the houses and shops were pieces of printed cardboard that you slotted into the grid and then held together with plastic shingles across the tops for the roofs. And some of them had a second floor that you put in, even. I could never get my kids to be that interested in the books, though.

  7. Aaron says

    (just to be completely clear, in case it helps someone, Ruben Bolling is a satirical cartoonist, and this work isn’t official Scarry content)

  8. Azkyroth, B*Cos[F(u)]==Y says

    Well, engineering positions are still here. :)

    Or does that not help?

  9. anbheal says

    Scarry was a good guy, and friend of our family. He actually updated several of his books, to reflect changing social mores. I think he would smile at the parody.