I would approve of CNN firing all their reporters and replacing them with Jay Smooth

Also, the NY Times.

Jay is going to be stretched awfully thin trying to cover everything. Maybe they can also hire Roy Edroso and Heather Parton and Peter Daou and Charles Pierce and god just about anyone other than the mewling mob of sycophants and know-nothings and febrile desperate panderers they’ve all got in the media nowadays. Are they every one diving to join Breitbart in the flaming dumpster of irresponsibility or something?

I’m with Mano on this one. I am sick of this election, and I am particularly sick of our gutless, spineless, brainless media. They are jellyfish. Except jellyfish have a nerve net and maybe a tiny bit of self-respect.


  1. qwints says

    Smooth says what Clinton should have said. Clinton made the mistake that a lot of white progressives (like me) make all the time – seeing bigotry as an innate characteristic of the “irredeemable” other rather than seeing the systemic oppression which she (and I) contribute to. As one trivial example, Tim Kaine saying that he respected Colin Kaepernick’s protest but that it didn’t make much sense to him is on the same spectrum as other anti-Black activity by politicians.

  2. says

    Roy Edroso:

    At National Review, for example, David French called 9/11 “A Terrible Day in the Eternal War.” Yes, if you thought the Iraq Etcetera War was some temporary dust-up like WWII, you’re fools — why, 9/11 “was nothing more and nothing less than an escalation of a war that began when Muhammad launched his first violent jihad more than a thousand years ago,” said French. Thus, Muslims are “architects of centuries of aggression,” and when they confront our “permanent resolve, war is the result – and there is no end in sight.”

    Holy shit.

    Heather Parton:

    Posts even more fainting videos than I have! They make me feel better about the world, somehow.

  3. says

    One fainting video I didn’t post was of CNN anchor Poppy Harlow this past December, I guess because she was pregnant so the circumstances were a bit unusual. (She was fine, the pregnancy was fine, her daughter was born in April.) But if any network should be aware that these things are normal occurrences, it’s CNN.

  4. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I’m waiting for Donald Trump is “Crooked Trump” until we see his tax returns. And call him crooked until he shows them.

  5. says

    The real force that leads to true Artificial Intelligence will be the heads of Fox News trying to find a way to show they’re truly Fair and Balanced(tm). Unfortunately for them the AI news reporter, introduced in 2086, will actually be fair and balanced, despite attempts to program it to be otherwise. The other networks will be forced to hire their own examples, much to their chagrin when the AIs call out their own failures to present accurate news.

  6. Rob Grigjanis says

    Thank Jeebus for Edroso, Parton and Pierce. Historical note: before Parton unanonymized herself, a lot of people thought Digby must be a bloke. Harhar.

  7. numerobis says

    What gets me is how successful CNN has been. It’s been shoveling pablum since day one, and it made its reputation breathlessly reporting every US commander’s video in the gulf war, with no filter against propaganda. Then it got huge with the Clinton (he) bullshit.

    This isn’t a new thing that CNN is worse than useless at reporting.