When in trouble when in doubt run in circles scream and shout

First day of classes today!

Gonna need more coffee before I can carry out the appropriate instructed vocal/ambulatory maneuvers.

Also, I’ve been warned that if I don’t keep up, I’ll be eaten alive by a large predator.



  1. blf says

    Hang on here, if the perfessors are doing the circular screamy shouty thingy, what is the studentsexperimental subjectsraw materials are supposed to do? Besides being pushed into the vats, that is…?

  2. blf says

    Of the two critters shown in the photograph, I’d say the red blobby poopyheady thingy is the hallucination.

    The reptilian inside the other one needs to work on its disguise, however, having only four digits and one head (seemingly cross-eyed at that).

  3. says

    I’m done for the day! Yay!

    Also, the students survived my test. I try to draw them out and get them offering suggestions and asking questions on the first day…and some semesters, that’s agony. Having a blank-faced crowd of 40+ students staring at you and waiting for the monkey to dance is no fun at all, and heralds a rough semester. But these guys were lively and didn’t take much work at all to get them throwing ideas around.

    Double yay!