Cutting edge information on atheism!

I really regret having to miss this conference going on in San Antonio this weekend: The Gods of Atheism.

Wait, what?

It’s put on by the Fullness of Truth Catholic evangelization ministries.

Yeah, they’d be the experts in the “Gods of Atheism”, I guess.

The conference features some atheist superstars:

  • Fr. Mitchell Pacwa, S.J. Who? He’s some guy with a lot of training in theology.

  • Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio. Who? He used to play bass in some rock bands in his youth, and now has a Ph.D. in historical theology.

  • Sr. Miriam James Heidland. Who? She used to play volleyball. Now she’s a nun.

  • Adam Blai. Who? An auxiliary member of the International Association of Exorcists. Enough said.

Perhaps you want to see the schedule?

I really could use information on Avoiding Demonic Attacks and Staying Spiritually Safe, and I’m curious to find out what the Most Dangerous Atheism of All might be. And, well, it would be nice to find out who the Gods of Atheism are, ’cause I’ve been failing in my duties to them, apparently.

It’s really too bad I have to miss out on so much information about atheism, but even if I were able, I couldn’t go. It’s sold out.


  1. tomh says

    Where is this culture they speak of, that is “gripped by atheism, humanism, and secularism?” The culture I live in is gripped by godliness and religion. But then, I live in the US, they must be talking about somewhere else.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    The only “gods of atheism” I know of have been described by H P Lovecraft and Charles Stross. It would be hilarious if those entities crashed the weekend’s event.
    But hard work for the clean-up crew and the undertakers.

  3. says

    Away with the Atheists: The Early Church vs. Paganism.

    The Pursuit of Baal: Riches and the Alliance with Death.

    They always confuse atheists with people involved in god belief.

  4. magistramarla says

    I live in San Antonio, and I am so disgusted with the xtian privilege in this city. I’ve been preached at against my will on public transportation, wakened from a nap by a preacher soon after surgery when I was in the hospital and constantly told to “have a blessed day”. This city is “god-soaked”. Reason #1099 to move back to California as soon as possible!

  5. wsierichs says

    “Away with the Atheists” could be interesting, even educational if presented in a historically honest way. Pagan Romans regarded Christians as atheists because they denied that the Roman gods were gods. Christians said they were evil demons. Romans in turn blamed Christians for natural disasters because of their atheism. One saying was, “No rain today, thanks to the Christians.”
    Hmmmmmmmm, I seem to have run into such claims in modern times …

  6. cag says

    Regardless of anything, all the speakers have one thing in common – They all have a BS degree.

  7. wzrd1 says

    While one could find it laudable that one doesn’t seek an echo chamber of like minds as a continual habit, the seeking of those who are diametrically opposed to one’s entire psyche as a habituation, to seek out purposefully that which is objectionable suggests a strong streak of masochism.
    OK, not really, but seriously, it can and seems to do add stress to you in seeking out this bullshit on rye, being presented as a reuben sandwich.

    As for gods of atheism, how wonderful that their lack of the actual definition of the word should be so well displayed!
    That said, does not atheism not have pillars that the entire belief, or to be more precise, lack of belief rests upon?
    That of an evidence based view, of accepting facts in favor of opinions, of using reason in favor of the unreason of blind faith and that evidence should never contradict itself?

    That all said, my personal favorite demigods were those comedians who once played vaudeville. Acting, comedy and even musical skills were required and to note the dearth of such in today’s performers, they’re demigods of entertainment, may they rest in peace. Pity that Hollywood totally mucked up good acts, diluting them for the masses.
    But then, what else could you respect of a town where they even fucked up the telling of Frankenstein.
    For, in the book, the true monster was Victor.

  8. karpad says

    an entire conference dedicated to Necoho and Atheismo seems like a lot of hubbaballo. I don’t know if they’d approve.
    Not that it matters if they approve. Maybe it’s better if they don’t?

  9. rietpluim says

    Fullness of Truth Catholic evangelization ministries? Why do organizations like this always have such pretentious names?

  10. blf says

    This article in something called “MySanAntonio” contains some real doozies, ‘Gods of Atheism’ event in San Antonio to push back at American culture — hard (my added boldfacing):

    In addition to talks on such topics as “Pope Francis on the Most Dangerous Atheism of All” and “Parenting in a Demonic Culture,” the conference will feature what organizers believe is the state’s largest traveling faith bookstore, which will be open to the public tax-free this weekend.

    What in fecking faerieland does it take to stop these scams?

    [Fullness of Truth director Thad] Cardine said humanism and secularism also have attempted to drive a wedge between religion and science.

    “More and more, we are learning that science and religion are not in opposition to one another,” he said. “For years, scientists would tout that the church was living in dark ages and that to be a Christian is to be a buffoon.”

  11. r3a50n says

    This made me think of Futurama; first when professor Farnsworth makes a comment giving thanks to “almighty Atheismo.” Maybe that’s who they’re talking about? The second is when professor Farnsworth tells everyone to make peace with their respective deities, he says “I’m an atheist” and then kneels and prays to no one:

    Oh nobody’s father who art nowhere, I know you can’t hear me, completely ignore this prayer. Nothing art thou and nothing will thouever be. Jesus was just a man.

  12. birgerjohansson says

    BTW, want to make a bet the creationists will ignore this?
    “CRISPR’s hopeful monsters: gene-editing storms evo-devo labs”

    Yes, I know, not all the believers are creationists, but at the very least they will clutch their pearls and say “man was not meant to meddle in these things!”. Things which, incidentally, shows that no divine intervention is necessary.

  13. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    This event is what we academics like to professionally refer to as a circle-jerk.

  14. coragyps says

    Mr. Blai seems to specialize in the resolution of house hauntings. And maybe even thinks that that’s a real thing…

  15. unclefrogy says

    it does speak volumes that they do not seem to understand the idea that there is no god at all.
    I know they like to argue that atheism worships a false god a devil as it were. All there magical explanations answer nothing explain nothing and at best are a distraction harmless tales, fantasy’s, childish make believe. The only truth they have in all of it is the basic human experience . We are capable of reacting to the images in our minds just as easily as to the reality around us. It is a pity to see so many struggle to support their superstition with such pious pretentious dangerous bull shit.
    uncle frogy