The Great Martian War

I have not seen this, but now I want to: a mockumentary that combines WWI footage with special effects to show the progress of a Great War with invading Martian machines.

Those are very well done steampunk tripods!


  1. Cuttlefish says

    Yeah, cool deaths are much better than uncool deaths.

    Sorry, I’m suffering from too much Trump.

  2. fmitchell says

    Semi-related, ages ago I read a short story (maybe in one of Gardner Dozois’s collections?) in which surviving Martian POWs, unable to return to Mars, settled for a life of working at kosher butchers’ and playing the monsters in 1950s B movies. (The narrator, a Martian, complained about how often Lon Chaney Jr. was too drunk to work, and how he had to stand in.)

  3. tulse says

    I enjoyed this movie tremendously — I liked the conceit, and they really carry it off well. (I also admire that the filmmakers turned the economic limitation of using primarily archival footage to an advantage of also being able to avoid cutting edge CGI.).

    I highly recommend it.

  4. unclefrogy says

    the music did not bother me seemed to fit right in
    I like a little dance-hall techno funk once in a while it has a kind of fierce ambiance to it nothing held back

    bunka bunka bunka bunka bunka bunka bunka waah woow bunka bunka bunka bunka
    uncle frogy

  5. komarov says

    Well, that would have been a much better reason for a depressingly pointless war. Plus the US would have landed on Mars ages ago to settle the score. Besides, if there is a place anywhere in the universe that is populated by sentient beings, the US simply must have an military base and a few nuclear missiles there.

    And I didn’t care for the music either. It didn’t fit in with the video at all.

  6. cartomancer says

    Yeah, the music ruined it for me. They spent ages making their video look like early 20th century film footage (up to putting typewritten-style credits on at the ends) and then put a modern soundtrack on it. It should have been accompanied by a man playing a piano or theatre organ.

    Mind you, the war between Mars and Earth is great and all, but not half as great as the war between Mars and Cadbury’s. Not as chocolatey anyway, which is an important consideration.

  7. Menyambal says

    If you want good music with your War of the Worlds, check out Jeff Wayne’s musical version. Or if you want Richard Burton doing the narration. Seriously. Check it out.

  8. Ichthyic says

    I watched the full version (the entire mockumentary).

    It was fun. certainly the best thing the History channel has done since they went the route of “lost atlantean alien Hitlers”