The statistics don’t lie: the real reason Trump must be defeated

It’s the correlations. An analysis of facebook likes (we all trust that to be scientific, I’m sure) finds that potential Trump and Clinton voters have radically different tastes on a lot of different issues. Like what movie actors they prefer…


OMG. Trump voters like Adam Sandler best? Now we know who to blame for all those terrible movies. We must crush Trump at the polls or we will be flooded with more unfunny, racist crap.

George Takei is a fine person, but he doesn’t really act anymore.

This next one is appalling.


God’s Not Dead is the Trumpian favorite? I’m not personally impressed with Harry Potter, but at least it’s not that dishonest shit-smear.

Call me perverse, but now I want Pure Flix Entertainment, the company that made that abomination, to book Adam Sandler for their next god-fapping movie. I’m pretty sure the Earth will crack open to swallow their entire fan-base, creating a new paradise for us survivors.


  1. vortmax says

    Hey, at least Harry Potter admits it’s complete fiction set in a universe where magic works!

  2. Akira MacKenzie says

    Adam Sandler and Pure Flix. While raunchy fart-and-dick based humor may at first blush seem incongruous with anal retentive Christian persecution porn, the intellectual level of the two genre’s respective audiences are exactly the same.

  3. Jeremy Shaffer says

    You know, if they could do a God’s Not Dead crossover with Little Nicky, it might be bad enough to be really entertaining. Or, you know, create a black hole and destroy everything. One or the other.

  4. Jack Gorman says

    For what its worth, we should note that this tracks people’s Facebook likes, not necessarily their actual tastes. I doubt that Takei is an overwhelmingly beloved actor as much as he has an active Facebook presence that would repel conservatives.

  5. Jason Dick says

    Takei does still act on Broadway (he wrote and stars in the musical Allegiance, which is about the Japanese internment camps during WW2).

  6. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    And Takei has numerous advertisements for random products, Oh My! a fan favorite catchphrase.
    As well as being one of the most respected of, and by, the LGBT community.
    And yes, re 6,7: his memoirs of internment are quite relevant.

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    uhhhmm, Takei is another reason to not let asShat dissuade one from ST:TOS. While not a key presence, he may still receive residuals from syndication and DVD sales, which he well deserves.
    — your local Trekkie off to where no one has gone before. :-)

  8. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    ahh, having magnified those infographics, noticed how very very appropriate Trumpists like American Sniper and Jackass in a few of those states.
    Quite fitting to describe The Yuuge Drumph.

  9. penalfire says

    One’s aesthetic and political views are almost totally unrelated. Roger
    Scruton writes wonderful books on music and architecture, yet is a
    monarchist who supported the Brexit and opposes gay marriage. William F.
    Buckley deeply admired Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a taste he shared with
    Theodor Adorno.

    Liberals tend to have superior taste in pop culture, but pop culture is
    mostly worthless anyway. There is only a difference in degree between The
    Best Man and The Hangover; there is a difference in kind between Mozart and
    Katy Perry — which might sharply divide liberals and conservatives alike.

  10. says

    It depends what you mean by “anymore” and “act” but Takei for the most part he has been doing stage work on boardway, he also has a pretty lucative voice acting career for English anime dubs. And briefly checking it still seems like he crops up in live action TV shows and movies in bit parts.

  11. taraskan says

    But these statistics do lie. The people gathering this data cherry-picked what they felt were politically polarizing items, searched for them, and reported them. The methods they used were not proper poll conducting, which is to find a single group of people and offer options, rather than go find what they’ve liked on Facebook having already liked something else.

    The numbers are skewed! They list the likes for the candidates, but they don’t list the likes for each other item. We could be dealing with very very very few comparative mentions. Just because one item receives more likes than another within a state compared with another state, does not mean that item has more likes than any of the things listed on the Clinton side.

    To break it down, that means the methods used could obscure more likes for Harry Potter in Texas than any of the three film options given as representative of Trump supporters.

    These are the same complaints made (on this site in fact) about that other state-breakdown graphic on google searches. It holds true here.

    As a final problem, liking shit on Facebook does not mean you actually like that shit. One reason I still refuse to make a page – most people like things they consider representative but that does not mean they are at all familiar with those things. For example all the people who list War and Peace as a favorite novel when only handful have read it. You can bet that some of these were viral daisy chains of liking shit your friends liked to keep up apperances, because neither Kirk Cameron’s films nor Gods Not Dead actually sold enough tickets for it to be otherwise. But this is really the most minor quibble when the methods as described are horribly misleading.

  12. anbheal says

    @13 taraskan — agreed. Likes on social media have nothing to do with a person’s general preferences. I’m surprised PZ didn’t point that out. George Takei probably said something clever, that went viral, but that doesn’t mean Clinton supporters prefer him to George Clooney or Denzel Washington. As for God’s Not Dead and Kirk Cameron….um, well, i guess your viral daisy chain of jerk-offs is plausible. Or, alternately, that Trump supporters really are just that stupid.

  13. Menyambal says

    In the work group I am in right now, we often have group discussions on procedures and proceedings. There’s one guy who is always interrupting with off-topic instructions – we have to keep saying, “That’s not what we are talking about”. He’s a Trump fan.

  14. Saganite, a haunter of demons says

    “God’s Not Dead”. Huh. I wonder how many of the Trump fans actually saw it and how many just chose it for this survey because they thought they should do so as the good little Christian fundies they aspire to be.

  15. says

    George Takei is a fine person, but he doesn’t really act anymore.

    Neither does John Wayne. Adam Sandler is mostly a producer, and Kirk Cameron is mostly known now as an, uh, “inspirational speaker” who occasionally pretends to act.