A godless weekend

This weekend is the annual baseball game sponsored by Minnesota Atheists, and this year, co-sponsored by the FFRF. We were too late to get tickets for the Mr Paul Aints game — they sold out again! — but are planning to go to the meeting Saturday afternoon, where Dan Barker will be talking about his latest book, God: The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction. We may also stop by the Humanist Picnic on Sunday, before heading home.

Minneapolis is a busy place for atheists. Morris, not so much.


  1. says

    It’s too bad you can’t get the Twins involved instead of the (S)aints. You think with the terrible year they have been having this year they would welcome the business.

  2. DonDueed says

    Mike Smith, I imagine there are far more restrictions on the sorts of promotions a Major League team can undertake than would apply at the minor league level. Even if I’m wrong about that, it seems unlikely that an MLB team would risk alienating a large chunk of its potential supporters by giving a nod to us godless folk.

    Maybe in a few more decades…

  3. lepidoptera says

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Dan Barker’s latest book has been receiving excellent reviews on Amazon.

  4. says


    I don’t disagree. I just like wish it wasn’t the case. The Twins could really use the business and we could use the visibility,

    Second, the (S)aints are not a minor team. they are an independent team. the level of competition is about the same as AAA/AA but they have no connections to MLB/MiLB which is another reasons for less restrictions.