Eerily apropos

There exists a growing collection of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, in which Calvin’s head is replaced with Donald Trump’s, while the word balloons are left untouched.


It’s weird how perfectly they fit together.


Except…I’m beginning to dislike Calvin. What’s OK for a 6 year old looks really ugly on an adult.


  1. says

    So I looked up Calvin for a specific quote to respond to the last line and found a couple things Bill Watterson apparently said.

    “there’s not much of a filter between his brain and his mouth”
    “he has no sense of restraint; he doesn’t have the experience yet to know the things that you shouldn’t do”

    It works so well. The only thing I’m not so sure on is “I guess he’s a little too intelligent for his age”.

    Anyway okay here’s the quote I was looking for: “One of the reasons that Calvin’s character is fun to write is that I often don’t agree with him.” He’s just one of those characters you like because you wouldn’t like him in real life.

  2. jaake says

    I was going to come to Calvin’s defense and say that he lacks Trump’s worst characteristics. But I bet a few of the Susie Derkins strips would be disturbing.

  3. dianne says

    The difference between Calvin and Trump is that Calvin is going to hit reality sooner and harder than Trump ever had to. Calvin’s father is not going to make millions for Calvin to inherit and Calvin is either going to have to make his own or remain used to not getting his way. Calvin already has people telling him that he needs to get over himself*. Trump was handed everything on a silver platter and always told how clever and important he is. He’s never been successful in his own right, but he’s never had to be because his father’s success left him with so much money that all he had to do to look good was not lose all of it. In short, Trump never got over the “it’s all about me” period of early childhood because he never had to. Makes me think that we really ought to tax inheritance over, say, 2x the median annual income, at 100%. Because having millions just handed to you all your life is bad for a person.

    *Including, on some level, Calvin himself, given that Hobbes tells him that he’s full of it periodically and Hobbes is an extension of Calvin.

  4. Scott Simmons says

    In fairness, Trump actually is remarkably intelligent for a six-year-old. His hands are slightly above average in size as well.

  5. rietpluim says

    This is blasphemous. Not many things are sacred, but Calvin and Hobbes bloody are.

  6. rietpluim says

    (Okay, that was a bit over the top. But replacing Calvins head with Trumps really hurts.)

  7. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    Speaks like a wise ass 6 yr old. Yes exactly how Drumph speaks. Applies no thought to the words be extruded from his mouth/bunghole. Just spouts phrases he thinks are popular. Just wants to make people angry at everything around then so they will cling to Drumph as the know-it-all that opened their eyes to all the destruction all the people are wreaking.
    Too bad that Wattersons masterworks are being defaced with Drumph’s to make a point.

    Drumph needs a Tiger Hobbes to argue with nightly, for growth and sensible reasoning to balance his jumps-to-conclusions.

  8. blf says

    Drumph needs a Tiger Hobbes to argue with nightly, for growth and sensible reasoning to balance his jumps-to-conclusions.

    And, I am tempted to add, a real one who will simply eat him…

    But that would be extremely cruel to the tiger.

  9. neaureligion says

    Actually, the balloon text has been altered in that first comic, at least. Calvin’s original reply is “Another trenchant comment by a jealous lesser intellect.” You can see that the font for the word “pathetic” appears to be in the font of the Calvin & Hobbes title text, not the font used for the speech bubbles themselves. Not sure if the person who made the alterations wanted it to stand out as an edit or not, to be honest.

    So beware! It isn’t all serendipity if these comics sound like they relate to Trump. In at least one case, the original text is being altered to suit the parody as well.