1. Artor says

    Why don’t we d-do it in the road? No one will be watching us! Why don’t we d-do it in the ro-o-oad?

  2. says

    No restraint or decorum, they just go at it out there in public. It’s good to be the squid.

    Going by that standard, it’s good to be the rat. Seriously good.

  3. nahuati says

    Those squid are so cute I checked Wikipedia for more details. They are smaller than they look in the photo.

    Bobtail squid (order Sepiolida) are a group of cephalopods closely related to cuttlefish. Bobtail squid tend to have a rounder mantle than cuttlefish and have no cuttlebone. They have eight suckered arms and two tentacles and are generally quite small (typical male mantle length being between 1 and 8 cm).[1] Sepiolids live in shallow coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean and some parts of the Indian Ocean as well as in shallow waters on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula off South Africa. Like cuttlefish, they can swim by either using the fins on their mantle or by jet propulsion.