1. gmacs says

    Can I just point out that there is a vape pen sitting in the ashtray, and it is giving me a nice chuckle?

  2. nahuati says

    Caine @2:
    I love the octopus! The suckers on the tentacles are especially amazing. I wish I were as creative as you.

  3. says

    Nahuati, thanks – a bit more on the suckers over on the art thread.

    moarscienceplz, thank you! I’m covered in paint and having fun!

  4. blf says

    I’m covered in paint and having fun!

    The forty-foot high killer rats are jumping up-and-down on you?

  5. slithey tove (twas brillig (stevem)) says

    After strongly agreeing with the message of the space squid, I became mildly intrigued by the poster behind him. In the last frame he is getting lower, to show the first word on the poster is “GOAT”. Intrigued by the possible following word. Given this is the internetz “GOAT SEX” comes to mind.
    “Internetz” is the new youphemism [sic] for “gutter( ,get your mind out of).
    artist, fill me in?

  6. says


    Eh, octo, octu, it’s all good. Thanks! All the suckers are done now, got to start on the skin. That ought to be interesting.

  7. khms says

    Since the same sign hangs in the other comic’s bar (maybe it’s the same?), looking at a few panels reveals


  8. seleukos says

    Except that those who whine about political correctness never take the ‘correctness’ in the name literally, so you wouldn’t get that response in panel #3. They are more likely to respond with “don’t call them ‘justice warriors’, they are ‘just us warriors'”, or something similar. In my experience, anyway.

  9. says

    Seleukos @ 16:

    Except that those who whine

    None of us have little tentacled space buddies, either.* We get beaten over the head with the reality of those who whine, every day, in one thread after another, here, and all the other corners of the ‘net. Could be we just wanted to enjoy the ‘toon.
    *If anyone does have a little tentacled space buddy, stop holding out!

  10. Artor says

    Sorry Caine, but I didn’t bring enough for everyone. Besides, it looks like you’re making your own badass tentacled buddy.

  11. John Morales says

    I “get” the joke, but still… it doesn’t work for me.

    Originally, there was the concept of a “keyboard warrior” — someone who practiced slacktivism — and then the concept was applied to “social justice” issues — the “social justice warrior”.

    Similarly, with “political correctness”, it did not originally refer to what it now connotes; its current connotation relates to adherence with the same “social justice” (perceived) ideology in one’s proclamations.

    The irony is that those who inveigle against “social justice” activism are themselves in the same category of being both keyboard warriors and politically correct in relation to their own ideology.

    Obviously, it’s a Martian, the tentacled space-squid thing.