Status of the Fall 2015 Grading Project


I am getting there!

  1. X Grade lab final (50)
  2. X Grade fourth lecture exam (50)
  3. X Grade final lab reports (25)
  4.   Serve students pancakes at Midnight Breakfast
  5.   Grade term papers (9)
  6.   Write final exam
  7.   Grade final exam (45)

I am enervated and enfeebled, my eyes are bleeding, and I’m currently prone to fits of vomiting, but I got through all the current paperwork for my cell biology course. Tonight I’m on the 11:00-12:30 shift of our UMM tradition of serving pancakes to the students the night before finals week begins.

Tomorrow will be spent in my office composing a final exam and dealing with distraught students who have just learned what their grade is. I give the final exam on Wednesday, and only 45 students are likely to take it — it’s optional, and I’ve already informed the five students who have a locked-in A in the class that they shouldn’t bother to show up.

Yeah, 10% are getting As. I’m such an easy grader.

Oh, where it says “PARTY HARD“? I think that’s going to involve going to the midnight showing of the new Star Wars movie, because I’m such a nerd, and optimism is briefly winning out over cynicism…but I will walk into that theater with very low expectations.


  1. says

    By the way, the Morris Theater will be having a special midnight screening of the new Star Wars at 12:01AM on the 18th. Nice old single screen theater, new updated sound system, it’ll probably have a good crowd but still no problem getting in, and best of all, admission is $6.50. See you all there!

  2. blf says

    I don’t get it. If yer gonna be serving students for breakfast, why bother with pancakes? Or is that just to wash out the foul taste of unwashed hippy (says someone who can certainly look like an unwashed hippy, even without a certain penguin…).

    Actually, that sounds like a groovy tradition. And in a certain practical sense, a lot more useful than the tradition where I went, which was to play Ride of the Valkyries at full volume at some absurd time of the morning (the sun was still out! how absurd can you get!!). But what is the fun of a practical tradition?

  3. A momentary lapse... says

    Off topic, and not wanting to add to the tasks list, but you have an illegal Unicode character immediately after “and optimism is briefly winning out over cynicism” (looks like the ellipsis got mangled somehow), this causes the live bookmark to break.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    Well, PARTY HARD involving a first run midnight movie beats
    PARTY HARD involving a nice cup of herbal tea and a good book.
    or not

  5. wcorvi says

    PZ, I think you are doing it backwards! Have the BEST students take the final, not the worst! Much better to grade that way.