1. davidnangle says

    Hmm. Must be spider for, “Yo, baby! Check this out!”

    Can’t imagine there aren’t birds that benefit from those displays.

  2. comfychair says

    That is clearly a Mardi Gras Indian spider, not a peacock spider.

  3. JohnnieCanuck says

    Twerking can no longer be criticised as an unnatural act. We see here that it also occurs in nature.

  4. wolfgang says

    Does anyone see a whole spider in the spider’s abdomen? Is this my brain in overdrive, or is there an evolutionary explanation for this?

    I’d love to know the answer …

  5. ledasmom says

    Now I have butt envy.
    I think I want a fan in that design, or possibly a windshield shade.

  6. Dark Jaguar says

    I WANT to say “wow this is beautiful” and be all rebellious like that, but that picture alone makes me want to make every spider on earth explode at once. That’s usually my reaction to the notion that spiders still exist. As it stands, I tend to resort to sticking a bucket over the offending arachnid and then ignoring that room for… ever…

    Oh come on! It’s hyperbole and we ALL do it ALL THE TIME FOREVER!

    …Wait, that doesn’t look like a butt.

  7. mildlymagnificent says

    I loved those little dancing dudes from the moment I first saw one – on Catalyst I think. Though I’ve never seen the girlfriends hanging around like that before.