The onslaught begins

I haven’t been slacking — next week is the last week of classes, and everything is coming due. I just got a stack of lab reports to grade by Monday; I’m giving a lab final next week; I’m giving two unit tests at the end of the week. The students are freaking out a little bit, realizing that all their sins are coming home to roost and they only have a few shots at redemption. So it’s going to be a crazy week and a half.

I’m supposed to get some sleep and exercise somewhere in there, too.


  1. congenital cynic says

    Also in the midst of the end-of-term onslaught. It’s going to be a very busy couple of weeks.

  2. georgemartin says

    And of course as some reference in the Bible says, “It’s time for the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. That will learn them.


  3. Jason Nishiyama says

    I’ve just the final left to mark in my astronomy class… got ahead on the lab reports and got them done!