1. JohnnieCanuck says

    He was a germophobe. A very rich germophobe. Also it owned Hughes Aircraft, making it a very high profile tax haven.

    It’s a medical research facility with an endowment of $17 billion. About 825 researchers get $1 000 000 every year. PZ might approve of its arrangement with Elsevier where HHMI research papers become publicly available after six months. From the pfft of all knowledge.

  2. DonDueed says

    Random fact: my parents were close friends with the parents of Dr. Richard Cech, the Nobelist who headed HHMI for many years.

    I didn’t/don’t know Richard, though — he was already off to college before our folks met. He’d probably recognize my name, but that’s about it. Not much of an epitaph in that for me.