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I guess I’ll be meeting some of the Ada Initiative people at Skepticon this year.


  1. says

    I really wish I could attend Skepticon and the Ally workshop, because that sounds great, and I’d love to know what information they provide, and how they set about communicating it. I hope to read some really good blogging about it (hint, hint)!

  2. says

    Me too. A lot of people there I’d love to meet. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is quite far, and $1000 dollars is a bit too much for a plane ticket atm. Plus, the U.S. scares me.

  3. jonmoles says


    I’m too consumed shedding bitter tears of disappointment to be scared most of the time, but yeah, ditto.

  4. Konradius says

    Yeah, I’d love to attend as well, but I’m also in the Netherlands…
    I hope next year a new AAI conference might come to the EU. Anyone have any info on that?