1. Gregory Greenwood says

    Oh no PZ! You have invoked the dread title of the cheesy channel that shall not be named – expect a film version of giant mutant radioactive leech monsoon – AKA ‘Leech-soon’ – to be released within the week…

  2. Dark Jaguar says

    Call me when we find one of these things: That is, a giant winged leech.

    This is a game series where… okay there’s no getting around this, you hunt ALL living things and you keep hunting them, with absolutely no restrictions put in place by the hunting guild. At least you can make both male and female hunters. In fact, considering this is in “the past”, it’s strongly implied that you were successful hunters, considering NONE of these things are around any more. At least, I don’t recall hearing about any sand whales.

  3. ragdish says

    I’m getting turned on by this worm porn. If you’ll excuse me while I obtain some tissues and KY…….

  4. Cat of Many Faces says

    That was amazing!

    Some times i feel like monster designers for games should just watch a bunch of nature documentaries before they do any work… then i realize that the results would be terrifying.

  5. jaytheostrich says

    See, clearly here is evidence that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the true creator of worms… one spaghetti-creature eating another with a slurp!

  6. David Marjanović says

    A close relative half that size is all over Europe. Start here, and then check out the German Wikipedia article if you can (the English one is a worthless stub).