I hadn’t even noticed

It’s a nice surprise anyway: Nature Education published my article explaining synteny with cards. I don’t even recall getting asked, but then no one complains when Nature uses your work.


  1. A. R says

    Very nice! It’s a great article, so I can’t imagine a better place for it. A few of my colleagues have used it in their courses.

  2. Marshall says

    @Nemo: that’s how journals work. Once you agree to publish an article, they own the paper.

  3. Anthony K says

    Sorry PZ, but that was the worst article on poker I’ve ever read. It’s like you don’t have any idea how the game is played at all.

  4. devnll says

    Thanks! An excellent explanation.

    As a minor bit of feedback, it’s a little confusing that you refer to each row of cards as a “hand”, and then also refer to each set of rows of cards as a “hand”. Perhaps, “deal” or “game” for the second case?

  5. says

    #7, Anthony K: Yeah. Which is better, an ace or a two? I like the hearts bestest, ’cause they’re the nicest. Shall we play a game sometime?

    #12, Tony: Nope, sorry. I’m a guy with a blog.

  6. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    Shall we play a game sometime?

    I think we all know the answer to give when that phrase appears on your screen during an online chat. Does this mean that PZ is really the AI (re)creation of some poor, bereaved, reclusive, computer-genius father?

  7. Anthony K says

    #15, PZ,

    Which is better, an ace or a two?

    Well, you see, it really depends on the context—wait, now I get the relationship to genes and evolution!

    Damn, you are good.