1. 2kittehs says


    If I had to think of a name associating them with something about humans, it’d be more like “flamenco dancer’s dress” or something along those lines – that beautiful flowing movement, ‘cept it’s more graceful than anything humans do.

  2. Lauren Fitzpatrick says

    It is beautiful, though I always feel obligated to point out that “Dumbo” isn’t even Dumbo’s real name. Maybe we could call it a Jumbo Junior Octopus. ;)

  3. says

    Right, Lauren. The other point is that little Dumbo had the last laugh, as his giant flight-worthy ears made him the star of the circus at the end. There’s no shame for this octopus in taking his name.

  4. Trebuchet says

    “Dumbo” isn’t such a terrible name. At least compared to what its cousin, Vampiroteuthis Infernalis, got stuck with.