Dr Rubidium is raising money for the science program at GeekGirlCon. A lovely idea, I thought, until I discovered what she’s doing as a forfeit to encourage donations.

Last year, I subjected myself to Nickelback to raise money for the DIY Science Zone.  This year, it’s Pink Floyd.

That’s right, I don’t like Pink Floyd.  But! I will listen to Pink Floyd – FOR SCIENCE!  For every $1000 the pro-Pink Floyd ("Go PF") camp raises, I’ll listen to an entire band album.  I can be saved from listening to Pink Floyd, if the anti-Pink Floyd ("No PF") camp offers up counter donations.  It’s Go PF vs. No PF!  Here’s how you can make be listen to Pink Floyd or save me from it:

Go PF camp -> Donate to the DIY Science Zone.  In the box "Add special instructions to the seller", type "Go PF"

No PF camp -> Donate to the DIY Science Zone.  In the box "Add special instructions to the seller", type "No PF"

Go PF or No PF, the winner will be science!  As of 25 August 2014, $1543.50 has been raised.  No donation is too small and every dollar helps!  Thanks to all our wonderful donors. Yes, even the Go PF ones…

She doesn’t like Pink Floyd? What is wrong with her brain? Maybe we need to start a complementary fund raiser: “Get Dr Rubidium some mind-blowing acid so she can finally appreciate the Floyd!”

So I donated. But I didn’t bother to specify what team I was on, because only the best people are on Team Go PF, and it should be obvious that I am among the best people. We’re better than those Floyd haters. I suspect that all of the donations that leave that field blank are from us superior Floydians. Also from people too stoned to notice that they forgot to type something in there. But I repeat myself.

And now I’m going to turn the lights off, put on my headphones, and fire up “Careful With That Axe, Eugene.” Like one does.


  1. funknjunk says

    I’ll help save her. I hate Pink Floyd. I like the idea of Pink Floyd … and, well, their … IDEAS. But implementation? No, they suck ass. Good production, crappy musicians.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    Well, someone who doesn’t like the Floyd is hardly worthy, but girl! scientists! rock! (in general), so – Donated!

  3. Arren ›‹ neverbound says

    Taste is subjective, of course — but putting the Floyd in the same category as fucking Nickelback is an egregious affront to all that is good in the universe.

  4. knowknot says

    If dislike of Pink Floyd is heresy, I can expect my temperature at the stake to be unseasonally high.
    I do appreciate Dark Side of The Moon as a masterpiece of production and concept. I just can’t listen to it.

  5. says


    Also from people too stoned to notice that they forgot to type something in there.

    You wouldn’t be talking about a certain university professor with a poopyhead nickname would you…?

  6. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I love Syd Barrett. I thoroughly enjoy early Floyd (up to Meddle). I enjoy mid-period Floyd (up to Animals). The Wall is unbearable pretentious bullpucky. The Final Cut is a laudable idea, poorly executed. And after Waters left, they turned into Lounge Floyd (although I do like a handful of songs on those albums).

  7. rq says

    You are so mean. No fudge brownie for you. :P I have some CDs I want to mail you, though.

  8. says

    OK all you PZ fans. You can rant all you want about every other thing on the face of our pathetic planet but keep your hands off my Pink Floyd !!!
    This is your final warning…..

  9. knowknot says

    Pink Floyd sucks.
    (Oh PZ my Lord and master forgive my freely speaking.)
    hahahahahahahahahahahaha splat ow

  10. shadow says

    Floyd is OK.

    I prefer Tangerine Dream. I have a copy of the Warsaw concert — couldn’t believe it was live, once they started, it was like a studio cut.

  11. says

    Now I like Pink Floyd, and have for years, but in the final analysis it’s always been David Gilmour’s guitar that I listened to, the rest was all just in the way.

  12. says

    If somebody wants a cringe-inducing forfeit to spur donations it should be having to watch any Kirk Cameron performance for the last 15 years.

  13. otrame says

    About 15 years ago I was at a university-run archaeological field school. We were a long way from home, lived in a barracks-type science station. We were everything from 18 to 48. We had lots of liberals, but a few conservatives. We had country music fans and rock fans.

    There were only two albums that EVERYONE would listen to without complaint. Dark Side of the Moon, and The Very Best of Patsy Cline.

  14. Terska says

    My wife and one of my kids hate Steely Dan. I still have hope for the kid. The wife was raised on horrible Euro pop so she is damaged and isn’t qualified to make judgements about music. The kind of music that’s translated into 80 different languages and can be heard anywhere on Earth.

    Anyone that hates Pink Floyd should keep quiet about it and try to learn to at least respect the band.

  15. knowknot says

    OMG. Respect the band. This is the other part of why I dislike Pink Floyd, profoundly.
    But… as per Mike @19, David Gilmour hisownself is something to listen to. Fluid and distinct.

  16. chigau (違う) says

    I was driving on a very dark road an’ groovin’ to the music when I first heard “Careful With That Axe, Eugene.”
    Dam’ near drove into the ditch.

  17. knowknot says

    @24 martincohen
    Well said. And I will walk happily in the valley of respect, obscured by clouds, with you, my brother.

  18. Scr... Archivist says

    I am so sick of this old-people music. Yeah, I know: Deeeep riiiiifts.

    Or would that be “deep” riffs?