Almost there!

Chris Johnson, who made that lovely coffee table book about atheists called A Better Life: Joy & Meaning in a World Without God, is now planning to turn it into a documentary. He’s running a kickstarter fundraiser forA Better Life: The Film.

I’ve read the book. It won’t have any atheists threatening to convert anyone, harassing people on their deathbeds, or demanding anything but their own personal autonomy. It should be good.


  1. says

    Looks like a kind of soppy, feel-good, inspirational film. Not the sort of thing that would have ever worked for me. I know it takes all kinds of different sorts of arguments to make headway, still I wonder if this isn’t going to backfire if it does get produced. Aren’t people who might tend to be open to this sort of argument precisely the ones who will reject the message?

  2. royandale says

    Change just a couple of words and it sounds disturbingly like a come-on for the New Church of the Living Waters or some such. Sorry. But clearly not intended for someone like me, and the whiny little voice doesn’t help at all.