1. keresthanatos says

    Hey, it’s got a catchy tune, to bad it did not tell the truth……just substitute Humans for Atheist.

  2. yubal says

    “no landing on the moon?”

    What? Did you guys recently decided “we” deny that now or do I miss something obvious?

    BTW: Where is my copy of the quarterly Atheist’s agenda? I wasn’t mailed to me on the fifth.

  3. bwells says

    I’d hate to change everyones mind based on the evidence, but…

    the youtube description by the poster RELIGIOUSANTAGONIST (clue #1) clearly says under the About tab “Just a little teasing of my fellow Atheists…” (clue #2) it’s still pretty funny because it clearly uses every tired trope about atheists (clue #3) that we’ve ever heard.

    But, like always, the comments section is GLORIOUS!!! Religious people are sharing this on FB!, atheists are pissed off…It’s anarchy!!! Youtube commenter Greg Gauthier is saying “PZ Meyers doesn’t deserve the company you lump him with, the dissembling passive-aggressive hateful little turd that he is.” without understanding what the word “dissembling” means! Total chaos, I tells ya!!!!

  4. bwells says

    Also the awareness of the scarlet A, the subtle FSM image,the portion about atheists being “mostly white and mostly men”, and the lack of even trying to argue a valid point kinda gave it away as a satire… Most religious folks know nothing about those parts and usually try desperately to debunk atheism.

  5. borax says

    I am so enraged right now. I’m so pissed off, that I’m going to bed and try to get to work before the storm hits. The literal storm that’s going to fuck up the east coast .

  6. dfarmer1584 says

    That wasn’t a Poe or satire. It was a Weird Al style tribute. And I enjoyed it. Kudos to the producers.

  7. =8)-DX says

    Wonderful and yes, as has been said its not a poe – it’s self-denigrating satire. I liked that it poked at pretty much all aspects and sides of online atheism – stuff to agree with, stuff to disagree with… all in good fun =).

  8. Thumper: Token Breeder says

    *chuckle* It’s kind of funny. I suspect it’s not meant to be taken seriously, and bwells and =8)-DX seem to confirm that.

  9. David Marjanović says

    Obvious self-deprecating satire!

    But, like always, the comments section is GLORIOUS!!! Religious people are sharing this on FB!

    :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

    the portion about atheists being “mostly white and mostly men”

    I understood “mostly wide and mostly men”… the “wide” part being illustrated by comically distorting Hitchens. :-)

  10. george gonzalez says

    Now that song is a bit unfair.

    While we all eat babies, some of us believe in the moon landings.

  11. dogmeat says

    It was offensive, hurt my feelings, and should be banned!!!!

    Oh wait, nope, none of the above.

  12. Cuttlefish says

    But…. but…

    They rhymed “blog” with “God”?

    If I’d only known it was that easy, I could have saved a lot of work.

  13. Sastra says

    That was interesting — I kept flipping back and forth between thinking that it was basically anti-atheism … and then basically pro-atheism. Perhaps that was the point.

    More likely I think is that the point was a form of the Little People Argument — that believers need belief so what should it matter to us what other people believe? Atheists have the power and they wield it against the weak. It’s cruel to try to take away faith and it makes atheists no better than the Fundamentalists they decry. Right, wrong, nobody cares, just shut up.

    The same, tired, smug point made over and over again. But this time in a fun way!

    But I did think it was naughty to accuse ‘atheism’ of ignoring women and then pretty much ignore all the many prominent atheist women (a quick shot of Rebecca Watson to the contrary.)

  14. Trebuchet says

    I got almost as big a chuckle out of the “Date Atheists Personals” ad that accompanied the video as I did from the video itself. Also liked Adam flipping the bird to God at the opening.

  15. David Marjanović says

    gardengnome @ 19 “Scarcely understood a word – is that just me?”
    Nope. These older ears agree.

    Nothing to do with age. It’s a rather egregious example of overlaying noise on talking so you have to filter out the talking somehow.

  16. moarscienceplz says

    This is an OUTRAGE! These Christianists must not be allowed to mock us like this! I call on all true atheists to burn churches, perform suicide bombings at the Creation Museum, and throw acid in the faces of Catholic schoolgirls!

    (To any dear Christians or Muslims who might read this and think this is really what an atheist thinks, I’m being ironic.)

  17. Akira MacKenzie says

    Sastra @ 25

    Right, wrong, nobody cares, just shut up.

    In one sentence, you’ve summed up the attitude of, as well as the problem with, Americans in general. Not just about religion, but about politics, economics, science, the environment, and a host of other important issues as well. As long as they can DVR “American Idol” and they can get their spawn to Gymboree on time, they’d rather not deal with complex issues, especially contentious complex issues that endanger our plush, realtively comfortable existence.

    We don’t care about the facts, we just want quiet.

  18. Holms says

    From the youtube page: “Just a little teasing of my fellow Atheists…” Pretty sure this is just an athiest’s take of the usual crap levelled at atheism.

    Also, I had no problem understanding the lyrics.

  19. Jacob Schmidt says

    Some of the comments are just glorious. No, not from the theists, I mean nonsense like this:

    So you picked the one true atheist asshole as your thumbnail LOL… wow..
    PZ Meyers runs a freak show and the things he gets up to on his blog forum thing is completely insane! He’s a genuine asshole and everything he claims he stands for goes out the window the moment you’re not his puppet! No freedom of speech, complete intolerance and Nazi like censorship.
    He’s one of the masters behind Atheism+ and only absolute assholes takes takes “not believing in a god” and makes it into “you must support this and that or you’re pure evil”.. dude you simply gotta fix that

  20. anteprepro says

    Kind of a little too much fat-bashing in this for my tastes….

    Some of the comments are just glorious.

    Man, the bottom of atheism’s barrel REALLY seem to hate PZ. Good for PZ. He has enemies in all the right places.

  21. says

    re: the comment Jacob references @33:

    and only absolute assholes takes takes “not believing in a god” and makes it into “you must support this and that or you’re pure evil”.. dude you simply gotta fix that“

    I’m so sick of hearing this one. I hope one day, people like that will realize that rejecting belief in god should* also involve analyzing other beliefs that one holds. There’s a lot of baggage that comes with theistic belief systems. If you (general you, not *you* Jacob) decide that there’s insufficient evidence to believe in any deity, then what about the opinions you hold that are propped up by the religion you’ve rejected?
    If god says homosexuality is a sin, and you’ve rejected god, then what’s wrong with homosexuality? Is there any basis for the concept of sin?
    Abortions make baby Jesus weep in his crib, so if you reject god belief, what does that mean for your anti-abortion stance?
    If you’re a fundie and you think evolution is false bc god created humans in their present form 6000 years ago, what happens when you reject your belief in god? Should you still hold the belief that evolution is false? Should you continue to believe that the Earth and the cosmos were created 6000 years ago?
    If you previously never took the lord’s name in vain, and you no longer believe in god, then what’s wrong with saying “goddamit”?

    *I notice that many of these dictionary atheists also think PZ is commanding them take on progressive positions. He’s not saying that you must. He’s saying you should.