Aww, Dana gave me a good review

Yay! I’m a gateway drug!

By the way, The Happy Atheist will be coming out in paperback in May, and I’m already working out a couple of places to visit on a mini-book-tour — it looks like I’ll be in Connecticut and Seattle that month. Probably. Still working on details.


  1. says

    I was Dana included this: “[…]every page is suffused with PZ’s quirky, sometimes caustic, sense of humor.” That, to my mind, is what makes this book great.

  2. rogerfirth says

    Where in Connecticut, and when??? We have a number of decent brewpubs and tap rooms in the state that I’m confident you’d enjoy.

  3. betelgeux says

    Come to Wesleyan University when you’re in CT! I know tons of students there who are fans of this blog. You’d draw a big crowd!

  4. says

    Like rogerfirth (@2), I wonder…

    Where in Connecticut, and when???

    I will drive anywhere in the state (which admittedly isn’t a huge commitment, since it’s Connecticut) to have a beer with you, or buy you one. (Hopefully that doesn’t sound too much like a threat!)