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This may be redundant — you all cruise every blog on the site already, right?

  • Ed is asking for donations, and exploring ideas to get an ad-free site. Give him your input!

  • The Digital Cuttlefish thinks God is a misogynist. I think he’s right.

  • Greta has a guest post — it seems that being a member of atheist and gay groups is grounds for suspicion.

  • Stephanie can recognize a reasonable dialogue when she sees it.

  • Jen is unimpressed with the paleo diet fad.

  • Ian’s reputation as a stud is forever demolished.

  • Maryam discovers that the Muslim Brotherhood is opposed to a UN resolution against violence against women. She doesn’t seem surprised.

  • Taslima is optimistic about the future for Muslims — that they’ll grow out of Islam.

  • Brianne talks about rape.

  • Ashley talks about rapists.

  • Miri talks about rape and justice.

    Steubenville seems to have stirred up a theme.

  • Avicenna deconstructs a bad Thunderf00t video. It seems he thinks a short clip of a girl video game character punching a guy in the crotch invalidates everything Anita Sarkeesian says.


  1. says

    Yeah… not sure how to react to the whole “respecting consent = not a stud” thing, even as a joke. Generally speaking, I’m not terribly on board with that characterization of the piece.

  2. thumper1990 says


    I don’t think it’s a joke so much as a satirical take supposed to mock the sort of toxic masculinity which sees turning down sex or failing to get it, for whatever reason, as “unmanly”. So some patriarch-infused, rape-culture-enabling PUA would read Ian’s piece and their immediate reaction would be “What a pussy”. PZ is mocking that. At least, that’s my take on it.

  3. thumper1990 says

    Ugh, Ian’s piece = your piece, obv. Brain-blank for a second there; apologies.