1. Ogvorbis: useless says

    Wife and I feel for the spider. Boy is 22, an assistant manager at a quickie mart, two semesters from graduation, and is still on our backs.

  2. ChasCPeterson says

    ah, the heartwarming tableau of parental care behavior.
    They say it’s only the female arachnids that…oops, I’m sorry, we don’t discuss that stuff here.

  3. Ing:Intellectual Terrorist "Starting Tonight, People will Whine" says

    Hell Freddy? Yes sorry I can’t fit you in any time this year, all my night terrors have all ready been booked

  4. mildlymagnificent says


    It’s like that itchy feeling you get when reading those ominous missives from the primary school about an outbreak of headlice. You haven’t even put down the letter and started to check your own sprogling’s hair – but the creepy, crawly sensation gets you anyway.

    Just looking at that critter. Eeuuurgh.

  5. Dick the Damned says

    Of course, it’s Australian, eh. But it ain’t as dangerous as our polar bears. And what the heck, we’ve got wolf spiders, too

  6. RobertL says

    Good grief! Reading things like Tethys’ link always freaks me out about the weird results of evolution and the things that living things do to pass on genes.

  7. says

    Aww, look at all the little spiderlings! Though I think jumping spiders are my favorite, I really love wolf spiders. I once caught one and kept her as a pet so I could watch her eat small grasshoppers. It was totally awesome. I ended up letting her go after a few weeks because I felt bad for keeping her locked up in my terrarium.

  8. brianpansky says

    This reminds me, I recently re-discovered “Charlotte’s’ Web”, which is a story that seems atheist friendly. [spoilers ahead]

    charlotte’s plan is based on humans being “gullible” and what do you know, the human’s first reaction to her web is that it is a miracle! a priest is briefly mentioned to have given a sermon about the meaning of the ‘Sign’, and in his sermon his message is ‘this sign means that we should always be watchful for signs’ [obviously vacuous, much?]. Then, near the end of the book, Charlotte is dying and I think the audience is meant to perceive injustice when her work is firmly attributed to the ‘supernatural’.

  9. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says

    They say it’s only the female arachnids that…oops, I’m sorry, we don’t discuss that stuff here. – Mr. Peterson

    Quite. I mean, spiders have extensive cultural traditions, including sophisticated language and technology which make it fiendishly difficult to even make sense of the idea of innate psychological differences between the sexes, let alone identify them with reasonable confidence, don’t they?