1. JohnnieCanuck says


    That was before this picture was taken. Then along came George. At which point Cathy retired to the sidelines to see if Heathcliff really was the one for her.

  2. dannicoy says

    I wonder if the battles are some what like when dragons fight. Where two males spend about 5 mins staring each other down rush in and grapple for 30 seconds or so then spend another 5 minutes staring.

  3. Matrim says

    I just composed a crappy metal song called KOMODO BATTLE! It took about five seconds to write and consists of the words “Komodo Battle” growled over and over while pounding power chords.

    I call this a job well done.

  4. comfychair says

    I’ve seen these things in person before and had a really really bad reaction, even though I knew I was safe and they were no danger. Other, objectively more dangerous critters big and small I’m fine with. And I’m cool with snakes and reptiles in general. But these guys… no. Just no. Don’t wanna be anywhere in their general area. At all. And I couldn’t figure out why I had that reaction, which was almost as strange in itself.