1. StevoR says

    Hey, I like you PZ and FTB generally. FWIW.

    But then you already know that right?

  2. duce7999 says

    Is it true that PZ weeps ink which is used to make a sudden and frightening escape to his Cuddle Chamber… err… Doom Hatch?

  3. magistramarla says

    Well, I like FTB. I found Pharyngula first, and introduced my husband to it. We came along with the move to FTB and now I start nearly every day by reading my favorite blogs on FTB.
    I don’t always agree with every little opinion that is expressed here at FTB, but I’ve definitely found that it is a community of people where I fit in.

    I’m a middle-aged woman, and I’ve been a bit of a liberal feminist all of my adult life. As such, I appreciate the men like PZ and a few others here at FTB who stand up strongly for equality for women, the LGBT community and others who are seeking equality. We need to stand together to make things right in this world.

    FTB is currently experiencing some growing pains, but I’m hoping that it emerges even stronger and continues to be the great community that it has become.

  4. Walton says

    Well, clearly I like Pharyngula enough to have continued posting here for the last four years. (Holy crap, has it really been that long?)

    As for the rest of FTB: I really like Natalie Reed. She’s a very gifted writer, always interesting, and I’ve learned a great deal from her (particularly about transgender rights, an issue about which I previously knew very little). I also often enjoy Dan Fincke’s blog, notwithstanding that I disagree strongly with many of his positions on metaethics. And I think Jason Thibeault deserves credit for writing about refugee rights, something I wish more bloggers would do.

  5. Ogvorbis: I Am ObtuseMan says

    I really like Pharyngula.

    Going cold avian theropod for two weeks was hard.

    I tripled my tobacco intake (well, more than that — from one or two cigars/pipes per week to two or three per day). I couldn’t sleep (well, I was in a tent in the middle of a noisy fire camp). I was off my feed (well, the food was okay, but I had to eat very sparingly as, if I had eaten all that I could, I would have been up around 6,000 Kc per day).

    Now I am back.

    I have Pharyngula.

    I can cut back on my smoking, get a good night’s sleep, and return to normal food.,

    All caused by Pharyngula withdrawal.

  6. dogeared, spotted and foxed says

    I love that love letter. I would add the Crommunist because his discussions on race have given me almost as many “Wow, I never thought of it like that” moments as Natalie Reed’s work. And because his political views have often helped to clarify an issue.

    Also Mano Singham, who is the secret weapon of FTB. If someone’s whining about “FTB never talks about science anymore.” there’s always Mano Singham. Science, bracketed between social commentary and little reminders that this planet holds wonders beyond imagining.

  7. cicely (WHAT sammich, Officer? I know nothing about no sammich.) says

    Pharyngula consistently out-performs sliced bread (which isn’t the best base for sammiches, anyway).

    (Or at least, isn’t the base for the best sammiches.)

  8. Millicent says

    I love FTB too. I am trying to be less lurky and more posty, but lurkerdom is my natural state. But I must express how much I love most of the blogs here. (Natalie Reed, I agree, is a fantastic writer, and I have learned a ton from her).

  9. turtle says

    I’m another lurker who loves FTB. I know a few friends who are the same, because we talk about recent blog posts when we get together! You definitely have plenty of support(not that you needed me to tell you that). I started reading Pharyngula at Science Blogs and it helped me to admit I was an atheist. Now I enjoy lots of writers on FTB.

  10. tricycle says

    I have followed most of the debates/flame wars on FTB. I’m a bit seared but all-in-all a lot smarter. A heartfelt thank you to you FTB bloggers for that.

    I am an older white American man who thinks he has started to understand the need for people like me need to stfu and listen. I’m still a work in progress.

  11. ibelieveindog says

    I’ve been lurking here since January 2012, after I followed a link to a pretty picture of a pretty octopus. I especially like this blog.

    I posted a comment here and got smacked down hard by one of the regulars (I don’t remember who and it doesn’t matter), and I went away offended. Actually, I was butthurt. I really wasn’t aware of the concept of privilege and how I was perpetuating a nasty -ism in my unawareness, and I probably would have continued merry along, ignorant, if that person hadn’t got up in my face about it.

    For several years I’ve been wearing a bracelet stamped with the words “ancora imparo.” This network is the best place I’ve found for learning.

  12. smhll says


    Hi, Tricycle. Have a cookie, I just baked some.

    (We’re not supposed to give cookies for decency, but I’m feeling my contrarian oats this morning.)

  13. shoukori says

    Another lurker here chiming in with support. I love that the community comes together to smack down idiots with righteous fists of awesomeness, and that it’s actually accepted to do so here. I don’t post because inevitably, someone has already stated the gist of my opinion. But I love, love reading the comments here on a daily basis (and the posts themselves, of course)! The commentariat here is just so amazing, strong-minded, and quick-witted. As sharp-tongued as they are, they make me feel at home!
    And as liberal and atheistic as I already considered myself, I have definitely learned to reevaluate some of my gut reactions to things, and I love that too!

    Lurking and loving since November 2010

  14. Suido says

    Hurrah for FtB.

    Could mention all the blogs I love here, but it would sound like a lot of c&p from other comments. However, extra shout out to Crommunist for his many sneaky puns. Never signposted, beautifully crafted.


    That’s the motto of my alma mater, did you go to Monash Uni?

  15. ibelieveindog says


    No, I went to Appalachian State years ago and now I’m at University of Central Florida.

    Excellent motto, though!

  16. samoanbiscuit says

    Lurkers in the deep love Pharyngula! I love you FTB! One day we will all be together again in the bottom of the deeps.

  17. DLC says

    I completely hate this place, and everything it stands for. Oh and I hate you too, Poopyhead Meirs and all your Echo Chamberlains. You nouveau atheists and your rude horrible nasty tribal mean insulting to poor innocent theists, MRAs and Furry Green Blokes who live under bridges. Have you no humanity ? Have you no respect for Other Ways of Knowing™ ?


  18. LDTR says

    I too am a mostly-lurker who loves and appreciates FTB, especially Pharyngula. I am totally non-confrontational in meatspace and tend to clam up and fume when someone espouses an opinion I find objectionable. So I heartily cheer (to myself) people like those here who speak up with such fierce intelligence on the side of reality and compassion. You say what I find it nearly impossible to say.

    It’s so refreshing, in this era of “let’s all be hip and sneer at ‘political correctness’, i.e., caring about your fellow humans”.

    I think the “groupthink, hivemind, etc.” accusations are another variation on the “if you disagree with me, it’s because you haven’t thought about the issue, or you are uneducated, or you’re stupid/crazy” line. And the tossing around of the word “bullies” is nothing more than a bully tactic in itself.

    Also, the pushback means you’re getting to them. Keep it up!