1. A. R says

    You’d better not let Mr. Frothy see this, he might declare it to be teh pr0nz.

  2. fastlane says

    *sigh* I miss Az. As a fan of both the desert, and astronomy, I heartily approve this image.

  3. paulburnett says

    chrispollard (#4) wrote: “No but the rib spacing on the cacti surface has evolved to minimize air drag so they don’t get blown over so easily.

    The “ribs” are actually expansion pleats so the cactus can swell up when it’s wet, and then shrink when it’s dry. (The big cetaceans have expansion pleats in their chins, for their lunge-feeding “big gulp.”)

  4. cybercmdr says

    Reading this blog sensitizes you to a lot of the creationist arguments, or at least to what they use for logic. The casual association within the picture makes me think of their inference process.

    Cacti point at the heavens. Therefore, they are astronomers.

    X happened. Therefore God.

    Same process, just as useful.