A third conference this weekend?

Yes, a third one. Northwest Free-thought Alliance Conference is taking place on 30 March-1 April in Renton, Washington, just south of Seattle. Fly into Sea-Tac, it’s not that far. Richard Dawkins is speaking at this one, too — he does get around — as well as Anu Garg, who gave an excellent talk last time I heard him.

All right, divvy it up. Southerners and East Coasters, go to Rock Beyond Belief; Upper Midwest, go to our Midwest Science of Origins Conference; West Coasters, head up to the Northwest Free-thought Alliance.

Man, I remember when godless conferences were scarce, and you’d have a choice of a couple of them every year; now you’ve got a couple of them on the same day.


  1. Patricia, OM says

    Oh of course, Richard Dawkins will speak at this one. This isn’t the ONE I can go to. Damn.

  2. chigau (一番) says

    Or everyone could go to a conference in another place and swap house-sitting duties.

  3. says

    Sadly I can’t make any of them. You will find this perhaps a bit funny PZ, but I have to be in Morris, MN on Sunday! Not exactly a hotbed for travel destinations!

  4. Gregory in Seattle says

    Ack. I’m already booked for Comicon in Seattle, with Norwescon the weekend after (best way to spend Easter: at a science fiction and fantasy convention!)

  5. fastlane says

    I’m actually here in the Seattle area, but I’m going to be at the track all weekend.