The sacrifices I made for the Reason Rally

I am a terrible person. After my busy weekend of travel this weekend, I get a phone call this morning to remind me of a planned doctor’s visit this morning…a visit I had to cancel because I’d completely forgotten to do the preparation.

That’s right. I gave up a colonoscopy in order to attend the Reason Rally and AA convention.

I hope David Silverman appreciates my sacrifice.

(Don’t worry, I’m rescheduling it for next month.)


  1. says

    The colonoscopy is not nearly as great an ordeal (because one is drugged out of one’s mind) as the purging prep, during which one is unfortunately all too aware of the prolonged fast and the hours of bathroom sprints. Ugh. I had a colonoscopy a few weeks ago, which came out surprisingly well. Then the doctor and I dickered about a return visit: he thinks three years and I think ten. Maybe it’ll be four. Doctors are persuasive.

    Good luck with your medical examination, PZ. Not fun, but important.

  2. says

    Yeah, the prep for a colonoscopy (which apparently Chrome’s default spellchecker doesn’t include as a word? Really?) is not at all fun. The actual procedure and recovery itself isn’t too bad though.

  3. jimmauch says

    You again will have to probe into some important issues. Another alternative is to rely on prayer.

  4. cag says

    Had my colonoscopy 8 days ago. No sedation. It felt wonderful to walk out of there by myself. The cramps during the procedure were a bit of a challenge, but to me, well worth avoiding the drugs. I just gripped the rails on the bed and passed gas to reduce the cramps.

    As to the prep the day before, I refer to the purgative as the “shit disturber”. Makes me wonder if PZ is a religious laxative.

  5. greenhome says

    How brave of you! I’m too chicken to get one.

    Wishing you the right kind of result.

  6. A Hermit says

    Just for future reference, the pineapple flavoured purgative makes the whole experience just that much more disturbing…